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Monday, May 30, 2016

"Deteriorating rule of law in Turkey certainly not bringing it closer to Europe" EP Turkey Rapporteur Kati Piri.

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Vocal Europe: How do you see the recent political changes in Turkey, especially the resignation of the former Prime Minister, Mr. Davutoglu ? He was replaced by Mr. Binali Yıldırım, former Minister of Transport and Communication, a close ally to President Erdogan? Do you think that this shift is going to bring Turkey closer to the European Union or to drift it away?

Kati Piri: I think that this change would make clear and what most Turks already knew is that there is no separation of powers between the government and the President: there is one leadership who is President Erdogan.

What we are observing now in Turkey is more centralization of the power in the hands of one person. The new government was announced from the Presidential Palace and that does not need more comments than stating the facts: Turkey is heading to a presidential system.

That in itself is not good or bad, closer or not closer to Europe, as we have presidential systems in Europe as well and I cannot say that they are less democratic.

Though, a system without any checks and balances, at a moment when we see those political developments and, at the same time that the rule of law is deteriorating in the country, is certainly not bringing Turkey closer to Europe. Read the full interview here.

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