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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Syria: Cutaneous leishmaniasis sweeping Middle East

Syria: Cutaneous leishmaniasis sweeping Middle East. (Independent).

Via The IndependentCutaneous leishmaniasis: What is the tropical disease eating its way through Syria and can it be stopped? Excerpt:
A tropical parasitic disease causing serious disfiguration is sweeping across the Middle East. Cutaneous leishmaniasis has been common in Syria for centuries but recent social unrest and breakdown in the healthcare system have seen it develop into a major epidemic. 
The disease is identifiable through vast sores on the skin, which can be both painful and permanently disfiguring. 
Research has revealed hundreds of thousands of people are now suffering from the condition in refugee camps or trapped in conflict zones. It is thought close proximity caused by cramped conditions is facilitating the disease’s spread, compounded by lack of healthcare structures due to civil unrest and societal breakdown amid the on-going conflict and mass displacement. 
What is it? 
Also known as 'aleppo evil', cutaneous leishmaniasis is a tropical disease caused by a parasite in the blood stream. It is transmitted from person to person through sand fly bites, which are common in the Middle East. 
Other forms exist with varying severity. Visceral leishmaniasis is the most severe form and results in fever, as well as enlargement of the liver and spleen. It can be fatal if left untreated. Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis eats away at the membranes of the nose, mouth and throat. 
Where is it? 
Scientists have warned it is multiplying rapidly in Syria with hundreds of thousands of cases suspected. In Lebanon, there were six reported cases between 2000 and 2012, by comparison 1,033 cases were reported in 2013 alone. 
Cases have also been reported in Turkey, Jordan, Eastern Libya and Yemen.  
What does it do? 
It causes large open sores on the skin. The sores are painful and often lead to permanent disfiguration. The sores are also vulnerable to secondary infection, spreading further disease.
Why is it spreading now? 
Previously the disease has been largely contained to Syria. However, amid societal breakdown due to conflict there, it has increased. Lack of healthcare resources means the condition has not been treated and as people have become trapped in conflict zones they have increased in close contact with other people, further spreading the disease. Poverty and malnutrition, as well as lack of access to clean water, may be further exasperating the situation. 
It appears to have spread outside of Syria partly due to refugees fleeing the area. Refugee camps often involve living in close quarters with strangers, without medical treatment facilities beyond those which can provide emergency or basic care. Read the full story here.

Video - Terror Show at a Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony; 'Islamic Jihad Leader to Israelis: We Are Not Terrorists, Don’t Force Us to Kill You'

Video - Terror Show at a Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony; 'Islamic Jihad Leader to Israelis: We Are Not Terrorists, Don’t Force Us to Kill You' (Memri).

A graduation ceremony at a Gaza kindergarten featured a theatrical show of terrorist skills presented by the graduating children of the 2016 Al-Quds class of the Islamic Al-Hoda kindergarten. The children, clad in Islamic Jihad fatigues, demonstrated the planting of anti-tank mines, the killing and kidnapping of enemy soldiers, the launching of mortars, and more. Videos documenting the event were posted on the kindergarten’s YouTube account and Facebook page on May 30. Sheikh Khadr Habib, an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, delivered a speech during the ceremony, and said that the children send a “message of love” to the world and that their message to the Israelis is: We are not terrorists, don’t force us to kill you. The Al-Hoda kindergarten is located in the Zaytun Quarter in Gaza, and is run by Maha Ashour.

Following are excerpts

Gazan teen-aged boy: now for the number you have long been waiting for, the military training show, directed by brother Bilal Majed Ashour. We salute his enormous effort.


Kindergarten students come on stage wearing Islamic Jihad military uniforms and are handed mock up assault rifles. They perform a series of military-like drills.


Kindergarten students dressed in commando uniform and gear stage an attack on an “Israeli tank”, involving a “bomb” and “mortar shells”.


The children stage and an attack that kills the “Israeli sentry”.

Scenes filmed on a helmet held camera are incorporated in the clip of the on-stage performance.

The children enter what seems to be an “Israeli army base” and stage an attack against it. They emerge from the base with an “Israeli soldier” as prisoner.


Gazan teen-aged boy: Stab! Kill the occupier with stones and knives. Use any available weapon. From the edge of fire, when the blood calls to arms, the morning rises.


Allow me to welcome the great [Islamic Jihad] leader, Khodhr Habib.


Khodhr Habib.: The message of the children of Palestine today is a message of love to the whole world. Indeed, the spokesman for these children is saying today: "The love that we bear in our hearts is enough to be distributed among all the people of Earth. However, it is this Zionist enemy that kills the children, the women, and the elderly, and is occupying the land. It is this enemy that forces us to bear arms, and protect our mothers and fathers, our elderly, and the honor of our womenfolk."


The message that these children send the Zionist enemy today is: "We do not want to kill anyone. We are not terrorists or murderers. We do not want to kill you. Get out of our land. Palestine has its owners. Do not force us to kill you. Indeed, if you continue with your aggression, with the plundering of our land, and with the defiling of our Jerusalem, we shall bear arms. We shall be the soldiers of the future, God willing.

"More than 1.3 million Christians forced to flee from northern Nigeria", says a Bishop.

"More than 1.3 million Christians forced to flee from northern Nigeria", says a Bishop. (Fides).
In northern Nigeria, between 2006 and 2014 an estimated 11,500 Christians were killed, over 1.3 million Christians displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or abandoned. 
This assertion was made by His Exc. Mgr. Joseph Bagobiri, Bishop of Kafanchan, in his presentation entitled "The Impact of Persistent Violence on the Church in Northern Nigeria", made at an International Conference held at the headquarters of the United Nations Organization (UNO), New York, United States of America (USA).

The most affected Christian communities are in northern Adamawa, Borno, Kano and Yobe states. Christians in these states have had to relocate mainly to the predominant Christian states in the Middle Belt areas: Plateau, Nassarawa, Benue, Taraba and Southern part of Kaduna state.

But in recent months, these areas are affected by the violence of the Fulani herdsmen (see Fides 02/05/2016). "Christian communities in the predominant Christian states in the Middle Belt areas are the most affected by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen forceful invasions and attacks. This is a blatant foreign invasion of the ancestral lands of the Christian and minority communities", said Mgr. Bagobiri in his presentation sent to Fides.

"In these middle belt states, the Fulani herdsmen have incessantly terrorized many communities, wiping out some from existence, and in places like Agatu in Benue State and Gwantu and Manchok in Kaduna State, these attacks assumed genocidal character, as between 150 – 300 vulnerable persons were killed overnight", he stressed.

Mgr. Bagobiri called on the international community to put pressure on the Nigerian authorities to ensure freedom of worship for Christians and other minorities in northern Nigeria, and tackle the humanitarian emergency of displaced populations.

'Birth Jihad' - 'We will multiply our descendants' Erdogan says NO Muslim should use birth control.

'Birth Jihad' - 'We will multiply our descendants' Erdogan says NO Muslim should use birth control.(Express).

In a stunning speech broadcast live on television, Mr Erdogan also said women cannot be treated as equal to men.

The devout Muslim said women should have at least three children.

He said: "We will multiply our descendants. They talk about population planning, birth control. No Muslim family can have such an approach."Nobody can interfere in God's work. The first duty here belongs to mothers.

In the speech in Istanbul yesterday the Turkish president told women, particularly “well-educated future mothers”, to not use birth control and to ensure the continued growth of Turkey’s population.

The 62-year-old, himself a father-of-four, has previously spoken out against contraception, describing it as “treason” which risked causing the while generation to “dry up”.

Women’s groups and opposition politicians have criticised the Turkish president for telling women how many children to have and dismissing the Western idea of gender equality.

The Platform to Stop Violence Against Women condemned Mr Erdogan’s comments as violating the rights of women.

A statement on Twitter said: "You (Erdogan) cannot usurp our right to contraception, nor our other rights with your declarations that come out of the Middle Ages."We will protect our rights.” Hmmm.....Reminds me of the movie 'braveheart' English king Longshanks says 'If we can't kill them, we'll breed them out'. Read the full story here.

Video - LIVE feed from front line as Iraqi army advances into IS-held Fallujah

Russia never said it would extend "olive branch of peace" to Turkey — Lavrov.

Russia never said it would extend "olive branch of peace" to Turkey — Lavrov. (Tass).

  Russia’s attitude towards Turkey remains the same: Ankara is obliged to present apologies and compensate for the losses suffered from the destruction of a Russian bomber on November 24 last year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the website of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily in an interview.

Saying that Russians are extending an "olive branch of peace" to Turkey (as some mass media said - TASS) would be fundamentally wrong.

"On the basis of this mistake conclusions begin to be made how these actions are to be assessed," Lavrov said.
"We’ve never said we are extending an olive branch of peace to Turkey. Why should we?" Lavrov said. "We say that Turkey is obliged to apologize and compensate for the losses that were incurred by that criminal act, by that war crime."
Lavrov recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin, when asked if Turkey was taking any steps (towards normalizing relations - TASS), replied in the affirmative, saying that Ankara was trying "to approach through different channels."

"He said that we are prepared to consider such messages, but first Turkey must do what it should," Lavrov said.

Lavrov said that the incident cost Turkey far more than the ban on "the export of tomatoes."
"They have been hit really hard and they have been trying to approach us via various covert channels and to create committees of some sort," he said.

Lavrov recalled that back last December, when their paths crossed in the OSCE, the Turkish foreign minister suggested creating a committee or a group of diplomats, military and intelligence officers.
"Our stance remains what it has been all the way," Lavrov said. Read the full story here.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Moscow calls on Turkey to prove Russia supplied arms to Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Moscow calls on Turkey to prove Russia supplied arms to Kurdistan Workers’ Party. (Tass).

Turkey should prove its claims that Moscow allegedly supplies weapons to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Russian president’s special envoy for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told journalists on Monday.

"When somebody alleges anything, he must present the evidence," he said, answering a corresponding question.

Earlier on Monday, Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan accused Moscow of attempts to supply air defense systems to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party that is outlawed in Turkey.

According to the diplomat, Turkey has no legal grounds to take part in an antiterrorist operation in Syria jointly with the United States.

"On what grounds?" he said, answering a corresponding question. "It’s interference in the affairs of sovereign states."

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie receives life sentence in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie receives life sentence in Egypt(AA).

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood's leader and 35 other people to life in prison over violent clashes after the army overthrew Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood's supreme guide, had already been sentenced to death and lengthy prison terms in other trials.

The court also sentenced 48 defendants to jail terms ranging from three to 15 years, and acquitted 20 others.

The authorities have arrested thousands of Brotherhood leaders, members, and supporters - including Morsi himself -  since his ousting by the army in 2013.

Hundreds have been sentenced to death, although many have appealed against the mass death sentences and won retrials.

On Monday, the court convicted Badie and the other defendants of involvement in clashes in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya which killed three people.

The country was rocked by violence for weeks after Morsi's supporters set up protest camps and demonstrated against his overthrow.

The police and security services killed hundreds of his supporters in clashes, including between 800 and 1,000 on August 14, 2013, as they dispersed Cairo protest camps.

Morsi, a senior Brotherhood leader, had won the country's first free election in 2012, more than a year after a popular uprising ousted veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak.

His rule was divisive and millions held protests in Cairo demanding his resignation, prompting the army to overthrow and detain him.

French Delegation Arrives in Israel to Study Israeli Counter-Terror methods.

French Delegation Arrives  in Israel to Study Israeli Counter-Terror methods. (Hamodia).

A six-member French parliamentary delegation arrived in Israel on Sunday to study Israel’s counter-terror methods, in the wake of recent attacks in France and elsewhere in Europe.

The delegation represents a 30-member panel of inquiry established after the events of November 13. Panel members have also traveled to Turkey and Greece to consult with security officials.

The French MPs met with chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Avi Dichter, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and with senior security officials.

Jewish MP Meir Habib explained:
For 70 years, Israel has been on the front line in the fight against terror. That is why MP Pierre Lellouche and I suggested to members of the committee to visit Israel. I informed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of the planned visit and he said that Israel would cooperate with the delegation and with France in general in all efforts to fight terror.”

"Deteriorating rule of law in Turkey certainly not bringing it closer to Europe" EP Turkey Rapporteur Kati Piri.

Source Quote here

Vocal Europe: How do you see the recent political changes in Turkey, especially the resignation of the former Prime Minister, Mr. Davutoglu ? He was replaced by Mr. Binali Yıldırım, former Minister of Transport and Communication, a close ally to President Erdogan? Do you think that this shift is going to bring Turkey closer to the European Union or to drift it away?

Kati Piri: I think that this change would make clear and what most Turks already knew is that there is no separation of powers between the government and the President: there is one leadership who is President Erdogan.

What we are observing now in Turkey is more centralization of the power in the hands of one person. The new government was announced from the Presidential Palace and that does not need more comments than stating the facts: Turkey is heading to a presidential system.

That in itself is not good or bad, closer or not closer to Europe, as we have presidential systems in Europe as well and I cannot say that they are less democratic.

Though, a system without any checks and balances, at a moment when we see those political developments and, at the same time that the rule of law is deteriorating in the country, is certainly not bringing Turkey closer to Europe. Read the full interview here.

Video - 'Islamic Terrorism Is A Form Of Islam And We Can't Deny It': Salman Rushdie.

It is one thing not to discriminate against people, says Salman Rushdie, i.e. peaceful practitioners of Islam, but to foreclose an open debate over the merits of religion is a mistake.

Rushdie's latest novel is "Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights" (

Sound cloud - Isaac Cohen 'The Jihad Complex' Episode 1: Many fronts, Many problems.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Video - Iranian Lawmakers: U.S. Must Compensate Iran for Damages Caused over Six Decades

Canada - Muslims were murdered in hate crimes, Liberals propose task force against Islamophobia

Liberals: Muslims were murdered in hate crimes, propose task force against Islamophobia. HT : CIJNews.

WHEREAS the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau has repeatedly declared he is ‘deeply disturbed’ by the increasing Islamophobia in Canada, and joining governments from around the world in condemning such heinous acts towards Muslim communities;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada strike a Task Force for the Elimination of All Forms of Islamophobia;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the recommendations of the Task Force be forwarded to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Cabinet and all MPs to be used as the Government of Canada’s strategic vision to eliminate all forms of discrimination and hatred.”

Ontario Liberals did not provided any details about their claim that at least two Canadian Muslims were murdered in Canada in 2015 because of Islamophobia.
According to Statistics Canada, Canadian Jews who comprise 1% of the population were the most targeted minority group in Canada, 8 times more likely to be the victims of a hate crime than Canadian Muslims. In 2013, Canadian Muslims were victims of 6.2 hate crime incidents per 100,000 people but Canadian Jews were the victims of 54.9 incidents per 100,000 people.
According to B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish human rights group which tracks anti-Semitic incidents in the country, 2014 was the worst year for hate crimes since 1982, the year they began recording the data, with 1627 incidents (or a 28% increase over the numbers from 2013). “This means that the Jewish community is not only disproportionately targeted, but also that anti-Semitism is a growing problem in Canada.

On March 18, 2016, Toronto Police issued its 2015 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report which again listed the Jewish community as the most targeted group for hate crimes, followed by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community.

The Jewish community was the most victimized group for mischief to property occurrences, while the LGBTQ community was the most victimized group for assault occurrences” the report said. Read the full story here.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Indian women 'sold' like products in a retail shop in Gulf states for $1,500. Andhra minister

Indian women 'sold' like products in a retail shop in Gulf states for $1,500. Andhra minister. (IE).

"Instructions should be issued to Indian embassy officials in Gulf countries to interfere in the matter and provide necessary help in terms of food, clothing and shelter," he wrote.

Women domestic workers from Andhra Pradesh are languishing in jails in the Gulf states after attempting to flee abusive employers or overstaying their visas, said Palle Raghunatha Reddy, minister for non-resident Indian welfare, urging the national government to help them.

In a letter to Sushma Swaraj, Reddy called for action to bring back the women. “Necessary steps should be initiated to bring them to their native areas safely by providing free travel and necessary visa documents at the earliest possible (opportunity). Instructions should be issued to Indian embassy officials in Gulf countries to interfere in the matter and provide necessary help in terms of food, clothing and shelter,” he wrote.

Government figures show there are an estimated six million Indian migrants in the six Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman. These include women who leave their villages to take up jobs overseas paying up to three times more than in India, putting their fate in the hands of recruitment agents, who often dupe them.

-In some cases, they do not have exit visas. Many others have been jailed on petty offences waiting for their case to be heard, according to the Andhra Pradesh government. Women from Andhra Pradesh and the neighbouring state of Telangana “are being sold like products in a retail shop,” Reddy wrote in the letter sent last week.

Women are being sold to the tune of 400,000 rupees ($6,000)in Saudi Arabia and between 100,000 ($1,500) to 200,000 rupees ($3,000) in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait,” the minister wrote. He added that at least 25 women jailed in Gulf states have sought the state government’s help recently.

In response to a query in India’s parliament in March, the foreign ministry said their diplomatic missions in all six Gulf states had registered complaints of physical abuse, maltreatment, non-payment of salary, and other grievances. Requesting anonymity, a senior official in the Andhra Pradesh government said a group of ministers from the state would travel to the Gulf next month to investigate the plight of migrants from their region.

The state government is also in the process of appointing lawyers to provide legal advice to Indian prisoners in Gulf jails, the official said.

Al Qaeda offshoot Al-Nusra Front in Syria gets daily weapons supplies from 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey - Russian military.

Al Qaeda offshoot Al-Nusra Front in Syria gets daily weapons supplies from 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey - Russian military. (RT).

Terrorist group Al-Nusra Front is receiving daily arms shipments across the border from Turkey, the Russian General Staff says. The Al-Qaeda offshoot used the truce between government forces and moderate rebels in Syria to regroup and renew hostilities.

Al-Nusra Front remains a major destabilizing factor in Syria, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday.
“Damascus is being continuously shelled from Eastern Ghouta. There were numerous attempts to capture power station near Homs and block the road connecting Aleppo and Damascus. The flow of trucks carrying weapons and ammunition from Turkey continues, with border crossings reported on daily basis,” he said.
The general added that Al-Nusra Front attacks are confirmed by other nations as well, and that they agree with Russia’s assessment of the negative impact of the militant group.
It’s obvious that the terrorist group, which operates in Aleppo and Idlib provinces, is currently the biggest stumbling block for the process of expanding the truce to new territories in northern Syria,” Rudskoy said.

Al-Nusra Front benefited from the truce because some of the territories under its control are mixed with those, which were designated as held by so-called moderate rebel forces and which are excluded from Russian airstrike missions, he stressed.

Moscow wants to intensify airstrikes on Al-Nusra Front positions, but is putting them on hold due to the murky borders between the extremist group and militants, who are supposedly supporting the truce. Russia has asked the US to put pressure on the rebels, so that a clear distinction could be established between their territories and those of the terrorists.
Our American partners are stalling the process of differentiation between the opposition groups under their control and the terrorist, which not only discredits the entire so-called moderate opposition, but also derails the peace process and leads to a renewal of hostilities in Syria,” Rudskoy warned.
Another problem comes from fringe Islamist groups like Ahrar Al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam. Russia says neither is truly committed to the peace process and both have committed numerous atrocities. Moscow wants them acknowledged as terrorists and legitimate targets for airstrikes.Read the full story here.


Video - Interview with an Ex-ISIS member. What is life like for an average fighter in ISIS?

HT And Source, Historian & Arabist:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Video - Senior Saudi Cleric Saleh Al-Fawzan: Taking Pictures with (or without) Cats Is Forbidden.

Senior Saudi Cleric Saleh Al-Fawzan: Taking Pictures with (or without) Cats Is Forbidden. MEMRI.

Sheikh Saleh bin Fawzan Al-Fazwan, a member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, was recently asked about the "new trend of taking pictures with cats [which] has been spreading among people who want to be like the Westerners." His response was that "taking pictures is prohibited if not for a necessity - not with cats, not with dogs, not with wolves, not with anything." The video was posted on April 17 on several YouTube channels dedicated to the rulings of Saudi scholars. 

ISIS Carrying Out Chemical Experiments on Prisoners and animals.

ISIS Carrying Out Chemical Experiments on Prisoners and animals. (IranFrontpage).

ISIS [also known as Daesh or ISIL] has moved its chemical weapons operations to densely populated residential areas, and is testing homemade chlorine and mustard gas on its prisoners, residents of the Iraqi city of Mosul have claimed.

ISIS is reported to have set up laboratories in built-up neighborhoods in the heart of its so-called caliphate to avoid being targeted by coalition air strikes, The Telegraph reported, as covered by ISNA.
The terror group is known to harbour chemical and nuclear ambitions, and is trying to manufacture weapons not only for attacks within Iraq and Syria but also the West.

It has a special unit for chemical weapons research made up of Iraqi scientists who worked on weapons programs under the former dictator Saddam Hussein, as well as foreign experts.
The head of the unit, Suleiman Daoud al-Afari, was captured during a raid by US special forces outside Mosul in March and is now sharing intelligence on ISIS’s chemical operation.

An investigation by Syrian and Iraqi citizen journalists, who report under the name Sound and Picture, reveals that he has now been replaced by Abu Shaima, an Iraqi doctor who worked at the University of Baghdad during Saddam’s reign.

Other than his links to the late Iraqi dictator, little is known about Shaima, which is customary for top ISIS leaders.

He is said last month to have moved the group’s operations away from its main laboratories at the universities of Mosul and Tel Afar, which have both been hit in recent months, to residential areas to protect it against aerial attack.

Residents of al-Mohandseen – which had been a wealthy Christian neighborhood until ISIS seized the city – said several houses had been taken over by ISIS officials in the last few weeks. A number of large unmarked trucks have been parked outside and more recently they reported seeing dozens of dead dogs and rabbits in nearby rubbish containers.

An ISIS insider confirmed to the journalists, who shared the information with The Telegraph, that they had been dumped there after they were used for chemical testing.

The report also claimed ISIS has been carrying out experiments on prisoners they are holding at a secret jail in al-Andalus, in the Nineveh governorate of Mosul, exposing them to chlorine and mustard gas to test the toxicity.

Residents near the prison have reported breathing difficulties and children developing severe rashes – some of the side effects of exposure to such substances.

The extremists have seized large quantities of industrial chlorine and are believed to have the expertise to make mustard gas. They are also feared to have captured chemical weapon stocks from the Syrian army across the border.

The militant group has already used chemical weapons against Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq and Syria.

In March, a suspected ISIS chemical attack on the Iraqi town of Taza, south of Kirkuk, killed three children and wounded some 1,500 people, with injuries ranging from burns to rashes and respiratory problems.

Brigadier Roger Noble, the deputy commander of international troops training and supporting the Iraqi army, told The Telegraph that ISIS militants are expected to use chemical weapons against troops trying to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second city.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commanding officer of the UK Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment (CBRN) and chemical weapons adviser to NGOs in Syria and Iraq, told The Telegraph the revelations showed the group was adapting to the coalition’s punishing air strikes.

ISIS’s chemical weapons operation has been heavily targeted – as is detailed in this report – and moving into residential areas is exactly what you would expect them to do now.”

He said Western security services should be concerned that their chemical operations have effectively gone underground, allowing them to continue their work outside of strike range.

Now we know the extent of the ISIS chemical and dirty bomb aspirations we must make doubly sure that our security in the UK is absolutely water-tight against this threat.”
Quoting materials from Iran Front Page is permitted only if the source is mentioned by name.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Video - Philippines: Embedded with Islamic guerrillas.

Video - Top international law expert Amb.Alan Baker takes down "Occupied Palestinian Territories" meme.

Amb.Alan Baker, who participated in negotiations on the Oslo Accords and today is Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs explains how the OPT concept has no basis in international law.

Russian Airborne Force to set up six T-72B3 tank battalions by end of 2018 — source.

Russian Airborne Force to set up six T-72B3 tank battalions by end of 2018 — source. (Tass).

Tank battalions will be set up within six air assault large units of Russia’s Airborne Force before the end of 2018, a high-ranking source in the Airborne Force told TASS on Tuesday.

"All our air assault large units, i.e. two divisions and four brigades, will start setting up tank companies in the second half of the year. We are planning to complete this work by the end of the year to transform these companies into battalions," the source said.

"Thus, each air assault large unit will have a T-72B3 tank battalion by 2018," the source added.
TASS does not have any official information.

Airborne Force Commander Vladimir Shamanov said earlier that the Airborne Force would set up six tank companies in 2015.

According to the source, these plans were not fulfilled "due to financial problems."

"These plans have been adjusted and we will start fulfilling them in the second half of the year," the source said.

Russian diplomat: Deploying 3 divisions along border response measure to NATO expansion

Head of Customs department at Brussels Airport married to drug smuggler.

Head of Customs department at Brussels Airport married to drug smuggler. (HLN)[GoogleTranslated].

The head of customs at Brussels Airport is no longer allowed entrance within her own service. She was transferred because her team is no longer under control, there are casses of bullying and people threatening each other with their service weapons. Yesterday it was revealed that 33 customs officers had to surrender their service weapons. Now it appears that the woman herself is not blameless. She is married to a convicted drug smuggler. Hmmm.....The Fox guarding the hen house. 

US reviews plan to infect mosquitoes with 'benign' bacteria to stop Zika, dengue, chikungunya.


US reviews plan to infect mosquitoes with bacteria to stop Zika, dengue, chikungunya. HT: Crof.

Via Nature News & Comment:  US reviews plan to infect mosquitoes with bacteria to stop disease. Excerpt:
The United States could soon become the first country to approve the commercial use of a common bacterium to fight the spread of mosquitoes that can transmit viruses such as Zika, dengue and Chikungunya. 
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reviewing an application from the biotechnology start-up MosquitoMate to use the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis as a tool against the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). The company plans to market Wolbachia as a pesticide — one that kills only mosquitoes, and leaves other insects untouched. The EPA’s decision on the matter will come after a public-comment period that ends on 31 May. 
MosquitoMate’s strategy involves rearing mosquitoes infected with a particular strain of Wolbachia and releasing the males into the environment. When these male mosquitoes mate with wild females who do not carry the same strain of Wolbachia, the resulting fertilized eggs don’t hatch, because the paternal chromosomes do not form properly. As infected male mosquitoes continue to be released to breed with wild partners, the pest population dwindles. 
Eight countries have now reported cases of microcephaly or other fetal birth defects that are probably caused by Zika, leading officials in many areas to consider new options for reducing mosquito populations. “We need as many effective tools as we can get, so we need to give Wolbachia a try,” says Tom Scott, an entomologist at the University of California, Davis. “That will require a well-developed plan for how trials would be done.” 
MosquitoMate, which was started by researchers at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, has tested Wolbachia in A. albopictus mosquitoes in three states over the past three years. The approach has reduced the wild mosquito population by more than 70% in those areas, says Stephen Dobson, an entomologist at the University of Kentucky and founder of the company. Hmmm......Sorry West Nile you're not a club member. Read the full story here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mullah Mansour or Muhammad Wali: Fake name but genuine 'Pakistani' credentials on CNIC.

Mullah Mansour or Muhammad Wali: Fake name but genuine 'Pakistani' credentials on CNIC. (ET).

While Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor may have used a fake name to obtain a Pakistani identity card, his credentials with the authorities are all genuine, verifiable on specific helpline numbers.

Mansoor was reportedly killed in Balochistan in a US drone strike on May 21. A Pakistani CNIC and passport found at the site identified the victim as Muhammad Wali, a resident of Karachi.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which issues computerised identities to Pakistani citizens, also facilitates verifying the basic credentials via short messaging services (SMS).
When forwarded Wali’s identity card number 54400-0563462-9 at 7000 – a service to verify the CNIC holder’s name, the reply is: Muhammad Wali, son of Shah Muhammad.

The voter registration details of any CNIC number can be obtained through a text message to 8300. Wali’s number shows he was a registered voter with the serial number 38, block code 454050104, ward number 31 in Chaman Municipal Corporation union council of Killa Abdullah district.

While getting an identity card is a struggle for many Pakistani citizens, especially those living in districts other than their permanent address, the fact that Mullah Mansoor was able to get a Pakistani CNIC as well as a passport raises quite a few questions.

According to the “current address” mentioned on the CNIC, Wali lived in Flat Number B-016 of Bismillah Terrace, Plot Number FL-03, Karachi. Interestingly, the address does not include the area of this residential building, which is actually located in Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi.

A raid at the address in Karachi provided clues to the slain militant’s past as well.

A suspected militant associated with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was among three people arrested in a raid by intelligence personnel at Bismillah Terrace near Sohrab Goth, a police source told The Express Tribune. The men were identified as Jabbar alias Charya, Haji Yousuf and Shaiq. Hmmm......Just like Osama Bin Laden 'Home sweet home' is Pakistan'.Read the full story here.

'Erdoganistan' - EU is losing Turkey’s trust, says FM.

'Erdoganistan' - EU is losing Turkey’s trust, says FM. (Taz).

The European Union is losing Turkey's trust by using double standards against the country, the TRT Haber news channel quoted Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying May 24.

He noted that Turkey has fulfilled 69 out of 72 commitments for achieving a visa-free regime with the EU.

"If the EU doesn't fulfill its commitments to Turkey, Ankara will refuse from fulfilling its obligations," said Cavusoglu.

The foreign minister believes that the EU should be sincere towards Turkey.

On May 4, the European Commission proposed the EU to cancel the visa regime with Turkey. Turkey cancelled the visa regime for the citizens of all the 28 EU countries on May 3, but the visa-free travel will be possible after the EU cancels the visa regime for Turkish citizens.

After cancellation of the visa regime, Turkish citizens will be able to stay without a visa for three months in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece.

Earlier, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU may introduce a visa-free regime with Turkey in the autumn 2016 if Ankara implements all the necessary requirements.

An association agreement between the EU and Turkey was signed in 1963. Ankara filed an application for the EU membership in 1987, but the negotiations on Ankara's accession to the EU started only in 2005.

Just in time for the World Cup, the 'Islamic' Slavery Museum opens in Doha, Qatar.

Just in time for the World Cup, the 'Islamic' Slavery Museum opens in Doha, Qatar.(TN).

Newly planted trees stand solemnly over the whitewashed courtyard of a traditional mansion in old Doha that less than a hundred years ago was often filled with shackled men, women and children from east Africa — the main commodities in a booming Gulf slave trade.

The large home once belonged to Doha’s most prominent slave trader, a man his neighbours called “jelmood", or “rock" — an allusion to his hard heart.

Today, in the old house, this story and the larger history of slavery in the Indian Ocean world that brought, by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of enslaved people to the Arabian Gulf is being explored for the first time in a museum confronting the past and, its curators hope, helping Qataris shape their future.

These settings reveal the circumstances of the enslaved people whose lives form part of the story of this country," reads one of the museum’s displays — a history that has largely been forgotten and avoided in both official narratives and the public conscience, even by the descendants of slaves now integrated into Gulf societies.

The first exhibit in the museum features an ancient slave sales contract inscribed in Aramaic on a clay tablet, Greek paintings of slaves working an olive plantation and other examples of slavery throughout history. The artefacts are intended to create historical context and describe the various forms of slavery, stretching from ancient Mesopotamia to serfdom in Middle Ages Europe and the most brutal form of human bondage, the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The historical frame then shifts to the system of which the Gulf was a part, the Indian Ocean slave trade. Short video lectures by scholars and archival photographs describe the “maritime silk road" that connected the islands of South-east Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Persia, the Arab Gulf and east Africa as a distinct region. One of the threads linking these far-flung cultures and empires was slavery. Read the full story here.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Of the 27,190 'Syrian' refugees who came to Canada ONLY 9 cases of Yazidis are being processed.

Of the 27,190 'Syrian' refugees who came to Canada ONLY 9 cases of Yazidis are being processed. HT: CIJNews.

Since assuming power in November 4, 2015, Trudeau government brought in to Canada as of May 15, 2016, 27,190 Syrian refugees of whom 15,355 are government-assisted refugees, 2,341 blended visa-office referred refugees and 9,494 privately sponsored refugees.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship confirmed on May 12, 2016 in their testimony to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration that the number of Yazidi cases which are being processed are “small” totalling only 9 cases.

Immigration Canada is receiving refugee applications of Syrian nationals only in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. Hmmm.....And 'Islamist' Turkey determines which refugees are allowed to travel to host countries. For the other countries it's MUSLIM administrations who handle the applications. Read the full story here.

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"At the current rate of progress 'Advanced Islamist dictatorship' Turkey will probably join EU in the year 3000"

"At the current rate of progress 'Advanced Islamist dictatorship' Turkey will probably join EU in the year 3000" (DM).

Turkey is on course to join the European Union in the year 3000 on its current rate of progress, David Cameron said, as he launched a brutal attack one of his own ministers.

The Prime Minister attacked Penny Mordaunt's claims that Britain had no veto over Turkish accession to the 28-member bloc as "misleading" and "absolutely wrong".

Turkey is set to join the EU in the next eight years and the UK will be unable to block the move, the Armed Forces Minister had insisted.
But Mr Cameron told ITV's Peston on Sunday: "The Leave campaign are making a very misleading claim." Asked if Ms Mordaunt had been wrong to say Britain would not be able to veto its membership, he replied: "Absolutely wrong. Let me be clear, Britain and every other country in the European Union has a veto on another country joining. That is a fact, and the fact that the Leave campaign are getting things as straightforward as this wrong should call in to question their whole judgment in making the bigger argument about leaving the EU."
Pressed on whether she was qualified to remain in government, the prime minister told the programme: "Her responsibilities are in the Ministry of Defence, she is doing a very good job.

"But on this question of whether of not we have a veto, the Leave campaign are wrong."

Mr Cameron added: "It is not remotely on the cards that Turkey is going to join the EU any time soon. They applied in 1987. At the current rate of progress they will probably get round to joining in about the year 3000 according to the latest forecasts." Read the full story here.

"My government has abandoned me," says Canadian Robert Hall held hostage by Abu Sayyaf in final plea video.

"My government has abandoned me," says Canadian held hostage by Abu Sayyaf in final plea video.(CTV).

Abu Sayyaf militants in the Philippines have released a new video of the three hostages abducted from a resort last fall, including Canadian Robert Hall.

In the footage released Sunday, Hall is dressed in an orange T-shirt with handcuffs around his wrists. Two fellow captives, a man from Norway and a woman from the Philippines, are seated on the ground beside him.

Hall, who was captured last September on an island resort, pleads with Philippine president elect Rodrigo Duterte to “work on our behalf as soon as possible to get us out of here.”
It appears my government has abandoned me and my family in this endeavour,” he adds.
Hall also addresses his family and friends. “I know you did everything you can. I truly appreciate it. I’m sorry I got you in this mess,” he said.

Global Affairs Canada issued a statement confirming that they are aware of the video.

“The Government’s first priority is the safety and security of its citizens,” the statement went on. “Therefore we will not comment or release any information which may compromise ongoing efforts or endanger the safety of the remaining hostages.”

The SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S.-based counterterrorism organization, also noted the new video on their website. Read the full story here.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

EU complains Turkey is sending ill and less-educated Syrians, refuses to send Syrian academics.

EU members complains Turkey is sending ill and less-educated Syrians, refuses to send Syrian academics. (MEM).

EU members have complained to Turkey for sending unwell Syrians to Europe as part of a controversial migrant swap deal, German daily Der Spiegel reported on Saturday.

Under a deal that came into force in March, the EU will resettle one Syrian refugee from camps in Turkey in exchange for each asylum seeker deported back to Turkey after arriving in Europe by boat.
So far around 400 people have been returned to Turkey under the deal, meaning in theory that 400 others have been resettled in Europe.

However, amid legal challenges to the deal, Der Spiegel's report suggests that tensions over the fine print could also be putting it at risk.

At a recent internal EU meeting in Brussels, a representative of Luxembourg reportedly criticised Turkey for sending “serious medical cases” as well as less-educated Syrians as part of the scheme.

Germany's parliamentary state secretary in the interior ministry, Ole Schroeder, also reported to the country's parliament this week that Turkey is not sending highly educated Syrians to Europe.

Turkey has informed UNHCR, the UN's refugee agency, that Syrian academics may not be included in the scheme and resettled to Europe.

UNHCR is usually in charge of identifying people eligible for refugee resettlement programmes, but in this case Turkey has insisted that it be in charge of selecting candidatesHmmmm.......From the start i warned that Turkey would 'select' them, this is the result. How to poison a continent in easy steps. Read the full story here.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

'Only 50% of refugee children attend primary school, and 25% secondary school' : UNESCO and UNHCR.

'Only 50% of refugee children attend primary school, and 25% secondary school' : UNESCO and UNHCR. (Fides).

In a report made public in recent days, on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May, UNESCO and UNHCR reported that only 50% of refugee children attend primary school, and 25% secondary school.

In 2015, 38% of primary school pupils were girls in Kenya. 80% in Egypt, Iran or Yemen go to school, but 50% in Ethiopia and 40% in Pakistan.

The situation is particularly serious for girls.

In Kakuma camp in Kenya, and in the Iraqi province of Nayaf, 81% of displaced adolescents in the age group between 15 and 17 have never attended school.

This situation is even worse in Afghanistan, where a mere 1% of girls go to school, compared to 20% of males.

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Obama 'admin' Order Colleges to Stop Checking Criminal/School Discipline History Because it Discriminates Against Minorities.

Feds Order Colleges to Stop Checking Criminal/School Discipline History Because it Discriminates Against Minorities. HT: JudicialWatch.

The Obama administration has ordered the nation’s colleges and universities to stop asking applicants about criminal and school disciplinary history because it discriminates against minorities. Institutions are also being asked to offer those with criminal records special support services such as counseling, mentoring and legal aid once enrolled. The government’s official term for these perspective students is “justice-involved individuals” and the new directive aims to remove barriers to higher education for the overwhelmingly minority population that’s had encounters with the law or disciplinary issues through high school.

Instructions are outlined in a cumbersome document (Beyond the Box) issued by the U.S Department of Education (ED) this month. It says that “data show plainly that people of color are more likely to come in contact with the justice system due, in part, to punitive school disciplinary policies that disproportionately impact certain student groups and racial profiling.”

Because education can be a powerful pathway to transition out of prison and into the workforce, it’s critical to ensure that admissions practices don’t disproportionately disadvantage justice involved individuals, the directive states. Colleges and universities should also refrain from inquiring about a student’s school disciplinary history—including past academic dishonesty—because that too discriminates against minorities. Civil rights data compiled by ED show “black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than white students and often for the same types of infractions.”  Read the full story here.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Video - Former Senior US Official: White House Launched ‘Venomous Whisper Campaign’ Against Netanyahu to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal

Read the full story here. More here (PDF)

'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey Supported Us in Kobani: ISIS Top Commander

Turkey Supported Us in Kobani: ISIS Top Commander. (Alwaght).

Alwaght- Yasser Abdul Aziz Agumy, a Saudi national and an assistant to ISIS's emir on the front-line of Kobani, Abu Bakr al-Masr, revealed that Turkey provided aid to the terrorist group in Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab.

Yasser Abdul Aziz, arrested in Kobani clashe, confessed that “...we received military and logistical support from Turkey, and the people who committed massacres came directly from Turkish territory to the town of Kobani, and most of our wounded in the war were receiving treatment in Turkey," an informed source told Alwaght under the condition of anonymity.

"Saudi Arabia and Turkey helped us. Aids such as clothing, blankets came from Saudi Arabia, while foods and basic needs were provided by Turkey," Agumy revealed.  

Touching on detail of ISIS operation against the mainly Kurdish-populated city of Kobani, Abdul Aziz explained "We were 82 fighters, divided into six 12-member groups. Abu Bakr al-Masri participated in attacking groups. According to the plan, the first group took the control of a checkpoint in the southern Kobani. The second group, directed by al-Masri, attacked the Rashid Bnar hate using a car bomb. 

After the explosion the border entrance were taken and the second group settled in this entrance. The third group took control of the eastern section of Kobani toward the town of Tell Abyad. The fourth group attacked Pashetnor hill which was the main target of the operations. Fifth and sixth group entered the city. We spread throughout the city and settled on some points".

He went on saying "After seizing the city, two armed groups from Jarabulus and Sarin came to help us, and a small group from Turkey joined us, bringing ammunition. This group has entered from the border points (Plateau Kanye Kordan located in the East part of Kobani town) and siezed the Kanye Kordan hill."

However, the ISIS top commander acknowledged the operation didn't progressed according to their plan as they were face with Kobani citizen's resistance in some areas.

"Some actions had been taken against us. We poured into streets and alleys, shooting at everyone, civilian or military."

"In religious education centers, we were told 'When you see the infidels, behead them. Civilians who are also helping YPG are infidels and killing them is halal (religiously allowed)' for this reason, we murdered Kobani people in order to get revenge from people who are helping YPG," Abdul Aziz said.

Yasser Abdul Aziz's confessions also shed lights on rumors about close ties between ISIS terrorist group and Turkey in oil trade.

He confirmed that "We sold oil to Turkey, in exchange for logistical support and having our wounded fighter treated, those who were suffering from serious injuries. I have some injured friends who were treated at Istanbul while the wounded who were suffering from minor injuries were sent to Mosul."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

'The Liberal government is a "disgrace" for sending wounded veterans back to court to fight for benefits' Opposition parties.

                                             Liberals will promise anything to grab power. 

'The Liberal government is a "disgrace" for sending wounded veterans back to court to fight for benefits' Opposition parties. (CBC).

The Liberal government is a "disgrace" for sending wounded veterans back to court to fight for benefits, opposition parties charged Wednesday.

Veterans have been arguing the government has a sacred obligation to its soldiers and that the lump-sum payment wounded veterans receive under the New Veterans Charter — as opposed to the pension that was offered before 2006 — is inadequate compensation, as they receive less money over the course of a lifetime.

Government lawyers outraged many veterans by asserting that the federal government has no extraordinary obligation to those who have fought for the country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said that after "10 years of neglect" by the former Conservative government there are a lot of issues to resolve, and he's proud of the work Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr is doing on the file.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took issue with the government's stance, saying after "campaigning on a black and white promise to end the Conservative court case against veterans the Liberals are taking them back to court with the same lawyers, and the same arguments, to try and block them from getting the benefits they deserve and that the Liberals promised. It's disgusting."

"This is a disgrace, it is shameful. The Liberals must recognize Canada's moral, social, legal and financial covenant with veterans," NDP MP Irene Mathyssen added, noting the latest legal move will add to the $700,000 bill the Conservatives racked up fighting these veterans in court.

Trudeau condemned Mulcair for "playing politics" with veterans, but offered no reason as to why justice department lawyers are ending a legal truce and blocking the class action lawsuit launched by six injured Afghan veterans. Read the full story here.

LIVE UPDATES: EgyptAir flight MS804 plane 'damaged and lost', search still underway


Tweet below claiming ISIS involvement is doubted & Denied by ME Expert @EjmAlrai
I've checked A'maq. Nothing. @MFS001
— Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai) May 19, 2016
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BREAKING REPORT: ISIS Media Claims Downing of Egyptair Flight MS804 – Russi via @gatewaypundit
— DanRiehl (@DanRiehl) May 19, 2016

EgyptAir flight MS804 plane 'damaged and lost', search still underway. (AlAhram) (France24).(Egyptianstreets).

Updated! : Alleged video of EgyptAir MS804 filmed by a greek resident, shows airplane as a fire ball is probably fake:
Alleged Video of EgyptAir MS804 filmed by a greek resident, shows airplane as a fire ball.
Source & HT:

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew crashed in the Mediterranean sea early Thursday morning, according to a Greek airport source. 

  • EgyptAir Flight 804 was lost from radar at 2:30am local time when it was flying at 37,000 feet.
  • The plane crashed in the Mediterranean sea, according to a Greek airport source. 
  • The plane was an Airbus 320. The captain has 6,275 flying hours, including 2,101 on the A320 while the copilot has 2,766.
  • The 56 passengers on the plane included 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis and one passenger each from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Portugal, Algeria, Canada and Kuwait.
  • France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls told RTL radio that "no theory can be ruled out" in investigating the flight’s disappearance.
  • Egypt's army says search aircraft and naval vessels have been dispatched to the site where the plane vanished from radars.
  • Egyptian officials are due to hold a press conference at 1pm local time (GMT +2)
  • EgyptAir is offering toll-free numbers for passengers' relatives to call for more information: 080077770000 from any landline in Egypt, and +202 25989320 from any mobile phone or from outside Egypt.
12:20 French President Francois Hollande has announced that they have confirmation that the EgyptAir plane reported missing has been 'damaged and lost'. Hollande stressed that no hypothesis should be ruled out, but they are keen on "finding the truth".
Earlier, France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Thursday "no theory can be ruled out" in the missing EgyptAir flight.

12.10 According to AP, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says "nothing is confirmed" regarding the disappearance of the EgyptAir flight and is warning against some unverified information in circulation.
Ayrault, speaking after meeting with families gathered at a hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport, tells journalists the priority is "solidarity" with them and extended a "message of compassion and support."
He says French authorities are in direct contact with Greek and Egyptian authorities.
11.20 Egypt's army said it is taking all the necessary procedures to find the missing plane by dispatching a number of rescue and search jets along with navy vessels specialised in rescue and relief operations. 
A high alert has been imposed in military hospitals and the army is currently in coordination with the cabinet and the foreign and civil aviation ministers to provide the needed support.
The army spokesman said the search for the disappeared plane is taking place where the plane reportedly went missing, with the participation of jets from Greece.
Fifty-six passengers including 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis, one Briton, one Canadian, one Sudanese, one Chadian, one Portuguese, one Algerian, one Belgian, one Kuwaiti and one Saudi were on board of the missing plane in addition to 10 crew members. 

11.05 According to Reuters, Greece is deploying military aircraft and a frigate to an area in the southern Mediterranean where an EgyptAir aircraft vanished from radar screens early on Thursday, its defence ministry said.
Meanwhile, AP reports that the French military says a Falcon surveillance jet monitoring the Mediterranean for migrants has been dispatched to help search for the EgyptAir flight that crashed in the area.
Military spokesman Col. Gilles Jaron told The Associated Press that the jet is joining the Egypt-led search effort, and the French navy may send another plane and a ship to the zone.
He said the Falcon was on a surveillance mission as part of EU efforts to monitor migrants crossing the Mediterranean toward Europe.
10.45 According to AP, the director of Greece's Civil Aviation Authority says air traffic controllers were in contact with the pilot of the EgyptAir flight as it passed through Greek airspace.
The director, Constantine Lyzerakos, said the plane was at 37,000 feet, traveling at 519 mph, and did not report any problem.
Lyzerakos told private Antenna television that controllers tried to make contact with the pilot 10 miles before the flight exited the Greek Flight Information Range (FIR), but the pilot did not respond. Lyzerakos says controllers continued trying to contact the pilot until 3:39 a.m. Greek time (1239 GMT) when the plane disappeared from the radar.
Lyzerakos says the plane was in Cairo's FIR when it vanished.
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