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Friday, April 15, 2016

U.S. & West Unwilling to Pressure Turkey into Allowing Kurds in Syria Talks: Vitaly Churkin.

US & West Unwilling to Pressure Turkey into Allowing Kurds inclusion in Syria Talks: Vitaly Churkin. (RT).

Speaking to Izvestiya daily Vitaly Churkin, Russia's Permanent Envoy to UNSC, stressed that Kurd's participation in Geneva talks is necessary for the peace process in Syria. He expressed concern that Western countries are unwilling to pressure Turkey to put aside sabotaging Kurds inclusion in the talks, while Kurds are one of the most important elements of resistance to terrorism in Syria.

"Turkey opposed, absolutely irrationally, the participation of the Syrian Kurds in the talks. This way it is only prompting them towards ‘separatist sentiments.’ And this is what Ankara fears,” Churkin said. 

Regrettably, developments around our draft statement demonstrate that the United States and other Western members of the United Nations Security Council do not want to influence Ankara’s position. It is regrettable as it is in no way promoting the talks".

Churkin also expressed skepticism about potential unilateral plans some members of the Security Council might decide in combating the rise of lawlessness and the influence of ISIS in Libya, where NATO led intervention helped to oust the country’s long-time leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Calling, the Libyan fiasco a “very painful” experience, Churkin said that while countries are united in their effort to restore Libya’s unity and territorial integrity, “our Western partners seem to be stopping short of telling the whole truth, which gives an impression that they may have a secret agenda in Libya.”

 "There have been media reports that the Americans delivered airstrikes at ISIS targets in Libya. Newspapers say British special forces are present there. We are warning our Western partners that unilateral actions will bring about no good,” the envoy said, adding that solving problems in a failed state requires efforts of the international community coordinated through the UN Security Council

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