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Monday, April 25, 2016

Theresa May says UK may block Turkey & Balkans EU membership!

Theresa May says UK may block Turkey & Balkans EU membership! (ConservativesHome).

It is time to question some of the traditional British assumptions about our engagement with the EU.  Do we stop the EU going in the wrong direction by shouting on the sidelines, or by leading and making the case for taking Europe in a better direction?  

And do we really still think it is in our interests to support automatically and unconditionally the EU’s further expansion?  

The states now negotiating to join the EU include Albania, Serbia and Turkey – countries with poor populations and serious problems with organised crime, corruption, and sometimes even terrorism.  

We have to ask ourselves, is it really right that the EU should just continue to expand, conferring upon all new member states all the rights of membership?  

Do we really think now is the time to contemplate a land border between the EU and countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria?  Having agreed the end of the European principle of “ever closer union”, it is time to question the principle of ever wider expansion. Hmmm..........Make your choice gentlemen ...Them or Us. Full speech can be read here

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