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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Significant exhibition of the Louvre Museum masterpieces coming to Iran.

Significant exhibition of the Louvre Museum masterpieces coming to Iran. (IranFrontpageNews).

The Director of the Louvre Museum (the world most visited and famous museum) and his delegation, including French cultural heritage experts, will be in Tehran from today to Monday evening to discuss and open a new chapter of cultural collaboration between the museums of both countries.

Mohamadreza Kargar, in his interview with IRNA, said, “Soon there will be a significant exhibition of Louvre Museum masterpieces in Iran with the arrangement of both countries.”

He added, “Currently we are negotiating with Mexico to arrange an exhibition of Mayan civilization artefacts in Iran. After that, we will provide the facilities for hosting an exhibition of Louvre Museum masterpieces.

The Head of Iran’s Museums Department answered a question about whether it has been determined which part of the Louvre Museum will be exhibited in Iran, saying, “ We have requested to transfer the complete collection of ancient Egyptian culture and civilization which is hosted by that museum.”

He also talked about the reason for choosing Egyptian Civilization, mentioning that they were more interested in displaying masterpieces belonging to civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, and China due to their ancient history, civilization and culture.”

He highlighted that this is the first trip of the Louvre Museum’s new Director to Iran, which will allow him and the other Louvre authorities to get more familiar with Iranian culture and civilization. Hmmm......They want the whole Egyptian collection from the Louvre........ Return in exchange of all Iranian art in the Louvre. :)

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