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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Palestinian Authority's billion dollar terror funding scam revealed.

Palestinian Authority's billion dollar terror funding scam revealed. (INN).
Western governments continue mass aid for PA after it promised to stop paying jailed terrorists' salaries, but new report exposes the lie.
A shocking report on Wednesday reveals that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has fooled Western governments, raking in over a billion dollars in aid from them annually despite breaching their demands that it stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners. The report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which can be read in full here, exposes how the PA has coped since August 2014, when - in the face of demands by the US and European donor countries that it stop paying salaries to jailed terrorists - it announced it would stop the terror funding.

In its new report on Wednesday, PMW cited numerous official PA sources as well as statements by officials in the organization, which clearly show the PA is tricking the West.

The sources cited all testify that the PA Ministry of Finance continues to be the body making decisions for funding, and continues to be the source paying salaries to the jailed terrorists.
In 2015, following the PA's promise that it was no longer paying terror salaries and after it closed its Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, it suddenly made a transfer more than double the amount it had moved over to the PLO in previous years, jumping from 294 million shekels (around $78 million) in 2014 to 775 million shekels (over $206 million) in 2015.
The extra 481 million shekels ($128 million) in the 2015 transfer was a sum nearly identical to the 442 million shekel (over $117 million) budget previously allocated to the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs before it was closed.

That extra funding therefore exactly matched the amount of money the PLO would need to pay terrorist prisoners - indicating the source of the salaries is still the PA funds propped up by Western aid.

In one case when the PA was short on funds, it made an announcement that it had cut the salaries of terrorist prisoners, as well as civil servants, by 60%.

Summarizing its report, PMW concluded by noting that "since it continues to fund salaries to terrorists, thereby clearly violating its promise to donors, the PA should be ineligible to receive Western donor money."

"However, through this deception the PA is still reaping over a billion dollars in foreign aid." Read the full story here.  Full report can be downloaded here.

Video - US Lawmaker Calls Out International Community for Funding Palestinian Terror 

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  1. Okay, so the PA lied again. Tell me some 'real' news, tell me when the PA tells the truth.


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