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Monday, April 4, 2016

Kadyrov says he plans to visit Syria before September elections.

Kadyrov says he plans to visit Syria before September elections. (SP).

Syrian opposition representatives visited Chechnya to "exchange experiences" with the southern Russian republic, which has overcome years of terrorism, the acting leader of the Chechen Republic told Sputnik in an interview.

"They visited for consultations. Experience sharing: you have gone through this, what should we do?" Ramzan Kadyrov said.

He did not specify which opposition group the delegation represented.

"[Syrian] President [Bashar] Assad twice invited me… to visit. But I just did not have time… I want to go, certainly," Kadyrov said.
Kadyrov added that he was going to make a visit to Syria before the September elections in the southern Russian region of Chechnya.

Kadyrov told Sputnik that the Syrian opposition is not free to make any decisions, they are made by a third party.

"They cannot decide anything on their own, a 'puppet master' is behind them and this 'puppet master' makes all the decisions," Kadyrov said following a meeting with the representatives of the Syrian opposition.

He added that the Syrian opposition representatives, including military commanders, do not know what they want, which makes them an "absolutely manageable opposition."

Syria's only chance not to lose its statehood is to properly utilize the assistance Russia has given it, Chechen Republic acting leader Ramzan Kadyrov told Sputnik in an interview.

"Today, they have only one chance — which is taking advantage of what Russia has done for them: "it boosted the army's morale, showed how to fight," Kadyrov said.

"[The Russian advisers] not only taught them, but raised their spirit," Kadyrov said.

According to the Chechen leader, Syria was not able to create a strong army and this situation only changed when Russia came to Syria's aid.

"Now, if they properly use what they've got they still can do something. But if this continues, they will lose everything. They will never build a state again," Kadyrov said.

He cited Egypt and Libya as an example.

"Several opposition factions are fighting each other for power. Some for the Americans, others for Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood finances one organization, the United States [support] one general, others finance another general. Daily conflicts, some take one territory, others another. And what happens? They have no leader at the moment," Kadyrov said. Read the full story here.  

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