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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

‘Islamist wing’ opens in Belgian prison, notorious 'Santa Claus’ jihadist first long term 'guest'.

‘Islamist wing’ opens in Belgian prison, notorious 'Santa Claus’ jihadist first long term 'guest'. (RT).

 A special ‘Islamist wing’ has opened in a jail in Ittre, Belgium, according to local newspaper Derniere Heure. Its first prisoner is Khalid Zerkani, nicknamed ‘Santa Claus of jihad’. He was charged with recruiting young Muslims and is now serving 12 years.

Zerkani was transferred to Ittre from another facility in the Brussels commune of Forest, where the Brussels attacker Mohamed Abrini has been incarcerated. Authorities worried the two would make contact in Forest.

So, the transfer was made, with due discretion and high security in place.

However, the Ittre prison administration is now fearful that Zerkani, who has a great deal of influence with jihadists, may attempt to escape.

The ‘Islamist wing’ project was developed by Minister of Justice Koen Geens. It finally came into force on Monday, and was specifically applied to Ittre.

The proposal hasn’t been unanimously welcomed, but after talks between the unions and the justice minister’s office, it was agreed to open the Ittre wing, on condition that it would only house four jihadist prisoners, not 20 as was initially planned. Hmmm....They're going to have to build a lot of new prisons if only four Jihadist a prison is the norm. Read the full story here.

More on Itre prison here:

As the Brussels-Capital Region has no house of sentences, the prison of Ittre is a house of penalties intended to accommodate definitively convicted prisoners from the Brussels region.

The proximity of Ittre with the Brussels region maintains the relationships between inmates and their family members whereas before these were convicted serve their sentences in remote institutions in Brussels. All sentences categories are represented in Ittre. Moreover, the prison of Ittre also contributed to decongestion of overcrowded or renovating prisons.

The prison of Ittre applies a cellular system where all inmates take their meals in cell except prisoners put to work in the workshops that take their lunch there in mess rooms provided for this purpose. Solitary confinement of workers held however outweighed by the opportunity to enjoy the whole week of joint activities on section 15:15 to 20:00 (7 sections). Solitary confinement of detainees workers not leave them the ability to access common activities from 18:15 to 20:00.

Each section has a space provided for that purpose, with a table tennis table, a kicker and with a kitchenette. All inmates can rent a television (cable and satellite) and telephone access seven days a week (system managed by computer). All also feature a fridge in their cells. Besides the prison linen and bed sheets, the laundry room is also responsible for washing personal laundry of the inmates who wish. Every prisoner has the opportunity to take a shower every day and go to the playground between half past one ET seven hours a day.

The prison of Ittre has a gym and body building available five days a week. If desired, each prisoner has access to the gym / body three times a week. Each inmate receives five visits to table a week (1h30 per visit) and three out monitoring visits per month.

Purchases that detainees wish to achieve is done through accounting, in partnership with private firms that deliver several times a week ( "generalist" canteen halal canteen canteen pastry, pharmacy, newspapers, stereo ).

Jihad in Prison 
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