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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First picture of Abdeslam in Belgian prison surfaces: dark circles around eyes and beard.

First picture of Abdeslam in Belgian prison surfaces: dark circles and beard. (HetNieuwsblad).[GoogleTranslated].

A photo surfaced of Salah Abdeslam in the prison of Bruges. The terrorist looks very tired out, totally unlike the neat picture of his investigation report following the attacks in Paris. And he has a beard. The jail photo that got hold of our editorial staff, clearly shows that the strict prison regime toll begins to demand at Salah Abdeslam (26). While we knew him so far as the terrorist with the perfect coiffure, we knew already that he had grown his beard during his flight.

Since his arrest is the terrorist in prison in Bruges. Since states that Abdeslam a "model prisoner". "A very good boy. An example for many other detainees, yet in terms of behavior. We do not have to report any negative comment about his doings. And his appetite is excellent. "

Abdeslam does look somewhat stouter out this new photo, but otherwise looks the terrorist properly abashed. His hair is unkempt, his beard and mustache he has. And he especially looks very tired with heavy bags under the eyes. "As a result of his harsh prison regime in the High Security Section. Eight times per hour a jailer is going to look inside his cell and the light is being switched on to see if everything is okay. That's pretty grueling, "says a source. Hmmm.....No wonder he wants to move to a French beauty sleep. 

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