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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Emirates Airline Creates Culture of Fear, 'Golden cage' for Crew.

Emirates Airline Creates Culture of Fear, 'Golden cage' for Crew. (RT).

Alwaght- Emirates Airline creates “a culture of fear,” where workers feel unprotected, targeted and trapped, the administrator of a dedicated whistleblower site told RT.

Employees of the company refer to it as a “golden cage,” which allegedly exhausts crews beyond their limits and employs punishments when complaints are filed, he added.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the administrator of, which collects the accounts of Emirates Airline pilots and publishes their stories online, stressed that the site administrator noted that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not allow unions, which leaves staff even more vulnerable to abuse.

 "If you make a mistake – or even if you don’t make a mistake, if someone blames you for something – you don’t get the chance to defend yourself. You just get the warning, they just fire you."

 "After some time spent in Dubai you feel like everything you have, your whole life is in danger. Because if you get fired, you’re going to lose your house, you’re going to lose your whole life. This is why they are referring to it as a ‘golden cage".

The whistleblower site is already banned in the UAE, but the airline wanted to silence it further, as Emirates Airline lawyers reached out to Wordpress and urged the blogging platform to take down the whistleblower site, which it refused to do.

 "I received a notification from Wordpress platform, they notified me that Emirates lawyers tried to take down some content from my blog, and Wordpress refused them".

The administrator, who is a former employee of Emirates Airline, told RT that all the pilots’ stories are received via email. They are all verified before they are published.

Earlier, RT spoke to current as well as former Emirates pilots, who confirmed that the company forces them to take heavy workloads and implements “bullying” techniques.

An ex-Emirates employee described the company’s rosters as “brutal,” as the pilots are “expected to switch from day to night… duties without enough rest in between,” adding that he “loses several nights of sleep every month,” is “constantly tired,” and has “no energy to do anything.”

Making matters worse is the fact that the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), charged with regulating aviation safety, has failed to act. Some Emirates pilots believe that the Dubai-based aviation watchdog is not independent from the state, and thus cannot adequately fulfill its duties.

The problem is further exacerbated as the GCAA is controlled by the same people in charge of the airline. The GCAA is chaired by the CEO of Emirates Airline & Group – Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

The Emirates pilots argue that even though the airline has a Pilot Fatigue Risk Management system, it rarely does anything to address the problem. Instead, it pursues tactics of pilot intimidation to discourage further complaints. Hmmm.........Endangering Passengers lives? 

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