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Thursday, April 28, 2016

After Russia now the Dutch FM warns no safety 'guarantees' for visitors to 'Islamist' Turkey.

 Erdogan in his younger years, dreaming of Conquest? 2008 Source here.
After Russia now the Dutch FM warns no safety 'guarantees' for visitors to 'Islamist' Turkey. (F24).
 Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders has warned the Netherlands cannot guarantee the safety of citizens travelling to Turkey if they have been critical of Turkish leaders.
The warning, made during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday, comes as the Dutch government is working to lift a travel ban on Dutch-Turkish journalist Ebru Umar who was briefly arrested over the weekend for tweeting comments critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
But asked Tuesday in the Dutch parliament if he could provide guarantees for Dutch or Dutch-Turkish citizens travelling to Turkey on holiday who may have criticised Erdogan on social media, he said "no".
"There are no guarantees," Koenders insisted. "We have just had a case showing exactly what can happen. That is why we are working on it. But I cannot give any guarantees."

He also delivered a sharp warning to Turkey that "if it wants to step closer to Europe, it must significantly improve its behaviour."
"Let's be honest. You can't treat the press and press freedom this way, if you want to be part of Europe."

Headline : Afraid of Turks.

On Monday, the daily De Telegraaf published a large front page cartoon entitled "The long arm of Erdogan" depicting an ape with the Turkish leader's face crushing a woman resembling Umar.

Trials in Turkey for insulting Erdogan have multiplied since his election to the presidency in August 2014, with nearly 2,000 such cases currently open.

(In Dutch the expression 'De Apen Rots' (Monkey Rock) means the rock of power, the political hierarchy.) Read the full story here.

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