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Monday, April 25, 2016

5000 ISIS "European" Jihadi preparing to return to Tunisia and Algeria to carry out attacks according to Algerian intell.

5000 ISIS "European" terrorists preparing to return to Tunisia and Algeria to carry out attacks according to Algerian Intell. (Tunisienumerique).

According to the site Assabah News, and according to an informed source, the Algerian intelligence learned that Daech terrorist organization has no less than 5000 terrorists currently "inactive" on European soil, waiting for the green light to move towards the Maghreb countries, notably Tunisia and Algeria, to carry out attacks.

This would involve European citizens of North African origin, many of whom left for some time, to join the fighting in Syria, and would be back in Europe, pending instructions from their terrorist leaders.

The Algerian intelligence think these people will return to their home countries in North Africa, on the occasion of Ramadan, and would be ordered with terrorist missions once arrived.

Intelligence reports show that the first target of ISIS, right now, is Algeria and Tunisia since times have become too tough in Libya after installing the new internationally recognized government.

The Algerian intelligence fears the arrival of unrecorded young people, not filed as terrorists, especially since it is accepted that there were 5000 Europeans who fought with ISIS in the Middle East, while the records of European countries only report 2786 terrorists. So, more than two thousand international terrorists remain unknown to intelligence groups. Which makes the detection of them and screening upon arrival in their country of origin more difficult.

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