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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The 'Islamic' World Needs a Muslim Martin Luther.

The 'Islamic' World Needs a Muslim Martin Luther. (INN). By Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

The problem with these Islamic conferences is that they never have even one person who is prepared to state the painful truth:
the Quran, the Hadith, the history and biography of our prophet are filled with ideas, commandments, precedents that push our youth to terror, just as they motivated our forefathers to conquer most of the known seventh century world. The concept of conquering strange lands, the rule of Islam through terrible violence is what got Islam out of the Arabian peninsula to conquer the region from Indonesia in the east to Spain and Morocco in the west, and it is this that pushes our young men and women to join jihad and continue subjugation of the rest of the world.
True, there are other factors – political, social and economic – that help promote terror, but the main, basic reason is the ideas and precedents in islam’s holy works, and until real reformers arise and insert significant changes into these writings, instead of holding meaningless conferences like the recent Saudi one, Muslims will continue to hide their heads in the sand, and the world will continue to think that Islam is a religion of peace, because that is what the distinguished speakers at these conferences say. Denial of the real problem will perpetuate the problems derived from it.

We need a Muslim Martin Luther, who will ask the right questions, start an Islamic reformation, one that will quarantine all the notions of subjugation, violence, hatred and repulsion, changing Allah’s religion into something that will bring the cycle of violence and death to an end, giving life to Muslims and others.

Until that reformer is born, the Islamic world will continue shedding its own blood and that of others into the bloody swamp, fire and tears called Islamic state whose methods are exported from the depths of the seventh century to today’s entire world Read the full story here.

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