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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Russian Spetsnaz surrounded by ISIS near Palmyra, calls in airstrikes on himself.

Russian Spetsnaz surrounded by ISIS near Palmyra, calls in airstrikes on himself. (Yahoo).

A Russian special forces officer has been killed near Syria's Palmyra, a military representative at the Russian base in Syria was quoted as saying by Russian agencies Thursday.

"An officer of Russian special operations forces was killed near Palmyra while carrying out a special task to direct Russian airstrikes at Islamic State group targets," the unnamed representative said, without giving the date of the incident.

"The officer was carrying out a combat task in area for a week, identifying crucial IS targets and passing exact coordinates for strikes with Russian planes," he said.

"The officer died as a hero, he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists," he said.

Moscow has been tight-lipped about having any soldiers on the ground throughout its campaign in Syria that began on September 30. Hmmm......."Quod facimus in vita resonat in aeternum". (What we do in life, echoes in eternity). Gladiator.

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