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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Report shows Turkish firms most important supplier in ISIL procurement chain of IED's.

Report by Conflict Armament Research shows Turkish firms in ISIL procurement chain of IED's. (Conflict Armament Research).
                       Tracing the supply of components used in Islamic State IEDs


With 13 companies involved in the supply chain, Turkey is the most important choke point for components used in the manufacture of IEDs by IS forces.

These components include chemical precursors, containers, detonating cord, cables, and wires, which Turkish companies either manufactured or sold in Turkey before IS forces acquired them in Iraq and Syria.

Among the 13 Turkish companies identified, eight are intermediaries that have re-transferred components produced in Brazil, China, India, the Netherlands, Romania, and the Russian Federation.

The companies serve the Turkish market and most of them do not export goods to Iraq or Syria. Evidence gathered by CAR suggests that IS forces, or intermediaries acting on their behalf, acquired the components in Turkey and subsequently transferred them to Iraq and Syria. Hmmm.....Can we call them now 'STATE SPONSORS OF TERRORISM'? Read and see the full report here.

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