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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

'Real Change' - Canadian PM Trudeau’s brother lobbies Liberals to not deport al-Qaida terror suspect Mohamed Harkat.

'Real Change' - Canadian PM Trudeau’s brother lobbies Liberals to not deport al-Qaida terror suspect Mohamed Harkat.(TS).

The prime minister’s brother is lobbying the government to allow Ottawa terror suspect Mohamed Harkat to stay in Canada.

Alexandre Trudeau, 42, wrote a letter to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on Feb. 27, asking him to stop the security certificate process and end the government’s attempt to deport Harkat.

“I urge you to use your unique position as minister, and the discretion afforded to you under the law, to exempt Mohamed Harkat from deportation and let him stay and live a productive life in Canada,” Trudeau wrote, adding: “Make this decision of yours another shining example of your government’s commitment to sunny ways.”

In his letter to Goodale, Alexandre Trudeau said security certificates remain a “fundamentally unfair measure” since they preclude the ability of suspects like Harkat to challenge the evidence against them. 

“I am absolutely convinced that at this moment, he (Harkat) poses no danger whatsoever to the public or to public safety in Canada,” Trudeau wrote, “but rather offers a positive commitment to the life he has created here.

“Just as importantly, Canadian and international law prohibit complicity in torture, and there is good reason to believe that Mohamed’s deportation to Algeria could lead to his torture.”

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act gives the minister the power to stop a deportation as long as it’s “not contrary to the national interest.”

In May 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the government’s revised security certificate regime and affirmed a decision that found Harkat to be an active member of the al-Qaida terrorist network. The case against Harkat was built on 13 wiretapped phone conversations and at least two unnamed informants, one of whom failed a lie-detector test. Read the full story here. More on this 'story' here.

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