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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kadyrov loyals respond to his possible 'abdication' by appeals on behalf of Chechen people

Ramzan Kadyrov's subordinates respond to his possible 'abdication' by appeals on behalf of Chechen people. (CaucasianKnot).

On February 28, Grozny hosted the so-called "Civil Forum" in support of Ramzan Kadyrov, organized by direct subordinates of the Chechen leader.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that the second term of Ramzan Kadyrov at the post of the Chechen leader expires on April 5. On February 23, he announced that he had no desire to continue leading the republic.

In the evening of February 28, the "Grozny" TV Channel showed a report devoted to the "Civil Forum". During the event, it has been consistently emphasized that the position of the participants of the forum coincides with the opinion of the whole Chechen nation, concerned about the news that Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to leave his post.

The above "Civil Forum" was a temporary alternative to mass rallies, to which public employees, students and pupils of the Chechen Republic are driven, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by a leader of one of the local NGOs, who preferred to remain anonymous.

"All this is just a play, staged with the purpose to ensure that Kadyrov will once again stay in power," the source has said.

According to him, such events are organized under the control of Ramzan Kadyrov himself.

"It's kind of the soil probing and testing the loyalty of subordinates. And this is typical for dictators who approved a regime of personal power," the source has concluded. Hmmm......As i said earlier: Kadyrov is a sly fox he will 'reluctantly' accept to stay as leader of Chechnya.

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