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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ISIS 'Authorities' executed eight of their Dutch members in east of Raqqa.


ISIS 'Authorities' executed eight of their Dutch members in east of Raqqa.(RSBS).

Fighters of ISIS from Dutch origin could create their special gathering as a result of their number and attract the Dutch from Moroccan roots, until they became around 75 members and they made Al Furusiya zone in Raqqa as their headquarters, and became semi-isolated of their surroundings, However, they kept following the orders of the leaders of ISIS even though there was some sensitivity and conflict between them and the Iraqi leaders specifically.

Since nearly a month the situation exacerbated when a patrol went from the power headquarters’ complex to Al Furrusiya camp where the Dutch members stay, they arrested some of the members for investigation considering him an instigator for others to escape and he was also young and he intended to escape according to the RSS journalist.

ISIS arrested two other members of the Dutch, and in the next day one of the detainees was killed by ISIS intelligence because he was severely beaten during the investigation. 

His Dutch friends found out he was killed and went to the headquarters of the point 11 located behind the power headquarters’ complex and there was a big fight and gunfire between the dutch and the responsible persons of the power headquarters’ which is controlled by the Iraqis.

The next day Abu Labib the security man, the delegate of Abu Ahmed the Iraqi went to Al Furrusiya headquarters to meet the European immigrants to resolve the differences, and as soon as he arrived he was attacked by a group of Dutch fighters, and they killed him.

The leadership of the ISIS in Raqqa informed the senior leadership of ISIS in Iraq, on the occurrence of a rift between Europeans, and the leadership issued orders to arrest them all on charges of mass defections attempt from ISIS, and incitement to discord in the ranks of ISIS.

Immediately, the intelligence of ISIS went with several vehicles and cordoned off the headquarters of Al Furusiya camp where the European fighters are, and tried to break into the headquarters to arrest them.

Some of the Dutch shot back and there were some dead and wounded in the ranks of both parties,  then the intelligence of ISIS entered the camp and arrested nearly 75 members of the Dutch and took them to the prison of Ma’adan and the prison of the city of Tabqah. 

On Friday afternoon 02.26.2016 ISIS executed 8 Dutch in Ma’dan city and then buried them in the mountain in Aljerf area, after being accused of incitement against ISIS. Hmmm......"The Revolution devours its children" Jacques Mallet du Pan . Read the full story here.

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