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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Is Bringing in 300.000 'Economic refugees' a year into Canada really a 'great idea'?

Canada - Mccallum: Refugees are “economic immigrants”, newcomers to surpass 300k per year. Is it really a great idea? HT: CijNews.

McCallum portrayed as “foolish” the immigration policy of the previous Conservative government which distinguished between “economic” immigration and refugees.

He asserted that the refugees are “economic immigrants” as they also contribute to the economic growth, and pledged to open Canada’s doors even wider in 2017-19 in an effort to increase the number of newcomers to more than 300,000 in each year.

The following are excerpts from Mccallum’s speech:
“Because of the aging population, because of the needs in Nova Scotia, the needs of Canada, we must grow our economic immigrants over time.
“But economic immigrants include refugees, refugees work. Economic refugees include family members, most spouseד work.
“Economic immigrants as defined also include spouses of principal applicants, some of whom don’t work.
So, we should get out of this foolishness of black versus white, economic versus others. All immigrants are economic immigrants in the sense that they contribute to our country…
“So, you in Nova Scotia, we in Canada, don’t want this to happen, because your population a bit more advanced in aging than the rest of the country, but all us face an aging population. So, immigration is important not only to Nova Scotia but to the country as a whole. Hmmm......Somehow i can't picture these immigrants moving to Nova Scotia or the Northern Territories.....Good luck with this. Read the full story here.

Great study by the CATO institute PDF Link here.

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  1. The Canooks are becoming full blown anti-semites; let them bring in all they want. If equal poverty and equal misery makes them happy, more power to them! Just don't expect the same thing for those in office...


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