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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Iranian IRGC Forms Base Near Saudi Border.

Iranian IRGC Forms Base Near Saudi Border. (IMRA).
             Iran has established a military base in Iraq near the border with Saudi Arabia.

An Iraqi military source said Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was operating a base in Naqib, along the Saudi border. The unidentified source said IRGC was storing weapons as well as training Hizbullah.

"They want to create a foothold for IRGC's Quds Force along the Saudi border," the source said.

The source, identified as an Iraq Army colonel, told the Saudi-owned A-Sharq Al Awsat that IRGC was working with its Shi'ite proxy, Abbas Brigade. The brigade was said to have expelled the residents of Naqib, also off-limits to the Iraq Army.

"They also want to secure a safe land route to transport IRGC fighters and weapons into Syria and Lebanon," the Iraqi officer said.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia came under mortar attack from alleged Iranian-sponsored militias in southern Iraq. As a result, Saudi Arabia has bolstered its military presence along the Iraqi border.

Other Iraqi sources confirmed that IRGC held large areas of southern Iraq, particularly around Basra. They said Teheran was controlling much of the south through such proxies as Hizbullah-Iraq and Shi'ite militias funded by the Quds Force.

"When armed militias seized control of the town [Naqib], Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs were expelled under the pretext that they want to protect Karbala from Islamic State of Iraq and Levant fighters," the Iraqi colonel said.

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