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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hatred in their luggage.

Hatred in their luggage. (tagesspiegel)BY HANNES HEINE [Google Translated].

Ahmed, Abdul and Mohammed live in a Berlin refugee camp. From their home they have brought their code of honor. And hatred of gays, blacks and other faiths. It will be long before they actually arrive.

Tamer, is the security guard, for refugee camp. It drizzles, a dull day. In the building around 300 asylum seekers living in two- to four-bedded rooms. Three of them sit in the home kitchen.

  • Jews? They control the Media, in the West but also in Russia and Iran. Says Ahmed, wiry, 20, from Syria.
  • Black? Some "monkey" are clean, most of them are a plague. Says Mohammed, well fed, 20, from Egypt.
  • Homosexuals? Disgusting, it was up to God, they should not live. Says Abdul, gaunt, 30, from Afghanistan.

Unexcited, kind and gentle the three men explain: women obey the man. Strikes were permissible but unwanted. Women must indeed obey.

Once has an apartment, Abdul wants more children. And the daughter should marry. At 14, 15 year age. What, in Germany nude women are allowed lying on the beach, but young girls can not get married? Read the full story here. (German).

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