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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

German police possess leaked 'Islamic State' files on foreign fighters.

German police possess leaked 'Islamic State' files on foreign fighters. (DW).

Germany's federal police agency has obtained a cache of documents concerning foreign fighters, reported German media. The agency did not specify how it obtained the files that detail personal information of the fighters.

The material is based on "entrance interviews" given to foreign fighters when they first arrive in 'IS'-held areas.

"Süddeutsche Zeitung" added that the German attorney general knew of the files, noting that they were being used by authorities to identify citizens returning to Germany after having fought with the militant group.

Each IS-volunteer has to so-called general-border management have 23 make questions. In addition to name, nom and previous residence also information on traffickers, members, guarantor, religious education and so-called jihadist experience be queried. International students can also specify whether they want to be used for example as fighters or suicide bombers.

From the papers it is apparent that IS already asks when entering the special qualifications of new recruits. They marked at a Munich-based chemical students: "Important Has chemical knowledge.." According to US intelligence makes the IS toxic gas and is about mustard gas have been used in Syria and Iraq. Read the full story here. More here in German.

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