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Sunday, March 13, 2016

'EU should not engage in bazaar-style haggling with Turkey': Cypriot House Speaker.

'EU should not engage in bazaar-style haggling with Turkey': Cypriot House Speaker. (CyprusMail).

The EU should not engage in ‘bazaar-type’ haggling with Turkey over the migrant deal due to be thrashed out on Thursday in Brussels, House Speaker Yiannakis Omirou said on Sunday.

He warned that European institutions which were going to go against their own decisions would lose credibility.

Omirou was commenting on Tuesday’s visit by European Council President Donald Tusk to Cyprus, something he said came as a bit of a suprise. Tusk is coming to meet President Nicos Anastasiades ahead of Thursday’s summit as there are fears in Brussels that Cyprus could scupper the migrant deal by sticking to its veto on opening accession chapters for Turkey, which Ankara is demanding as part of a migrant deal.

Omirou urged the European Council to categorically reject Turkish demands, which, he said, were in no way related to the handling of the refugee crisis.

The European Council ought to safeguard its authority and credibility, as well as its own decisions, the House President went on.

When Turkey refuses to comply, the European Council can not exert pressure on the Republic of Cyprus in order to violate own decisions, he said.

Turkey has failed to comply with an EU decision that it recognizes the Republic of Cyprus and opens its ports and airports to Cyprus’ air and sea traffic.

Out of the 35 chapters Turkey must conclude as part of its accession negotiations, Cyprus has unilaterally frozen six, while additional chapters remain blocked by France.

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