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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Erdogan says Turkey should redefine terrorism, international community will be with us or against us.

Erdogan says Turkey should redefine terrorism, international community will be with us or against us. (TurkishMinute).

There is no difference between a terrorist with a gun and bomb in his hand and those who uses their title and pen at a point that supports terror. The fact that an individual is a deputy, an academician, an author, a journalist or the director of an NGO does not change the fact that that person is a terrorist,” Erdoğan said while addressing a group of doctors at the presidential palace on Monday on the occasion of Doctor’s Day.

“The person who pulls the trigger may be a terrorist, but these are the people who ensure that the terrorist achieves his goals. We cannot tolerate those giving support to a terrorist organization going into a courthouse through one door and coming out right out of another” he said.

Erdoğan who cancelled his upcoming trip to Baku, the capital of Turkey’s neighbor Azerbaijan, continued by stating that Turkey needs to change the definition of terror and terrorism in Turkish criminal law.

“We should redefine terrorism [in this regard] as soon as possible and include in the Turkish Penal Code (TMK). This is not an issue of freedom of press or freedom of organization. It is about a more effective way of dealing with the vile assailants who try to harm our people,” Erdoğan said.

Certain sections in our society and in the international arena are at a junction. They will either be on our side, or the terrorists’ side. There is no middle ground here,” the president added.

Those who think they have made us pay, whether foreign or domestic, will themselves pay the real price” he stated. “No one will get in Turkey’s way. I believe we will overcome terrorism. Our nation will not forget about those who want to make political capital out of a painful incident.”Hmmm......Says the guy who embraces recognized terrorist group Hamas. Read the full story here.

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