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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brussels Airport Police extremely hard in condemning Airport leadership: "Huge flaws in security"

Brussels Airport Police extremely hard in condemning Airport leadership: "Huge flaws in security". (HLN)[Googletranslated].

Some members of Policing, the federal police department in charge at the airport involved in airport security such as the handling of complaints and declaration of crimes, conducting patrols and protection orders, expressed concern in an open letter. "Every police officer in any police force whatsoever at Zaventem airport knew this day would ever take place", he says in the letter, "a cry for help for airport security they way it should be for the protection of an international airport anno 2016 ".

According to the agents, inspectors and chief inspectors give daily powerful signals about the unsafe conditions at the airport, but their proposals are ignored.

Examples to be cited are the fact that the four levels of the terminal building (train, bus, arrival and departure) are freely accessible to everyone and that before the central body search, there is no security of passengers or luggage. "This open airport policy have long been overtaken in other countries and is the example of the fundamental insecurity at Zaventem airport, "it sounds. They argue for checks on people entering the airport building and want no more passenger cars in a radius of hundreds of meters around the building.

Through open infrastructure terrorists could easily send out scouts to assess the situation "of the security screen to plan the terror attack," it reads further in the letter. Following identity checks on passengers and dubious passersby several information reports were prepared for the service terrorism.

Furthermore,  letter writers complain about numerous incidents involving the homeless, which impede the operation, staff shortages and "abominable infrastructure", which, for example photos and fingerprints can not simultaneously be processed.

Finally, the agents draw attention to the relatively large proportion of workers at the airport ANG known for one or more ( heavy) criminal offenses. Code red is mainly the criminal records of staff working in the triage - and baggage halls at tarmac level.

This fact is a result of policies conducted in the past: "progressive" politics activation policies, affirmative action for certain minorities. The fact that these individuals work and may continue to operate at extremely security-sensitive locations in and around the airport in the year 2016 is hallucinatory

They "tie the cat to the bacon" it sounds. It calls for the active monitoring of known 'problem' personnel in safety sensitive areas of the airport, a more stringent screening of badges and dismissal of persons already 'monitored' on terrorism. Read the full story here. (Dutch).

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