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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video - live feed of today's BrookingsFP event with Pres Erdogan.

Video - All the ISIS passports captured by YPG had Turkish ENTRY stamps.

Video - All the ISIS passports captured by YPG had Turkish ENTRY stamps. (RT).

Only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan was liberated from the ISIS militants, RT Doc film crew followed Kurdish soldiers round the houses that had been abandoned in haste by fleeing jihadists.

There they found documents shedding light on ISIS oil trade, jihadist passports with Turkish entry stamps, an instructional brochure on how to wage war against Syrian government that was printed in Turkey and more.

Shaddadi and the area has large natural oil reserves, and until recently, ISIS militants profited from it, forcing local population to work in their oil industry. Piles of detailed invoices used by ISIS to calculate daily revenues from selling oil were found on the site.

Local residents attested that intermediaries from Raqqa and Aleppo arrived to pick up the oil and often mentioned Turkey. While a captured ISIS recruit said on camera that the terrorist group sells oil to Turkey. He and another foreign fighter from Saudi Arabia also said it had been easy to pass the Turkish border.

The full documentary with exclusive footage from towns liberated from ISIS, will air in April. It will feature interviews with the locals who worked on ISIS oil refineries as well as testimonies from the ISIS members, captured by Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units) soldiers. Tune in to learn what RT Doc crew discovered in the oil-rich lands that only days ago were under ISIS occupation.

Alleged Turkmen murderer of Shot down Russian Su-24 Pilot Detained in Turkey.

Alleged Turkmen Killer of Russian Su-24 Pilot Detained in Turkey. (SP).

According to Dogan news agency, an alleged killer of Russian Su-24 pilot has been detained in Turkey.

The man, who is believed to be responsible for the Russian pilot's death, is identified as Alparslan Chelik.

According to Hurriyet newspaper, Chelik was detained Wednesday evening in Izmir. Alparslan Chelik has reportedly been fighting against the government forces in Syria.

The Russian Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish F-16 jet over Syria on November 24, falling 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Turkish border. The crew of the plane ejected and one pilot was killed by fire from the ground, according to the Russian General Staff. The co-pilot survived.

Su-24 pilot Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov killed by fire from the ground after ejecting from a Russian Su-24 jet downed by Turkey over Syria was posthumously awarded with a Gold Star medal, Russia's highest honorary title. Read the full story here.

Belgian vice PM Jambon acknowledges street celebrations following Brussels attacks.

Belgian vice PM Jambon acknowledges street celebrations following Brussels attacks.(JCA).

In the days following terrorist attacks in Brussels, street celebrations broke out in several places in Belgium, the county’s vice prime minister said.

Jan Jambon made the statement about the March 22 bombings, which killed 35 people, on Wednesday during a symposium titled “Terrorism, Israel and International Law” and organized by the Dutch anti-racism and pro-Israel lobby group CIDI, or the Center of Information and Documentation on Israel, in The Hague.

Jambon, a rightist politician, made the remark while acknowledging Belgium has a jihadism problem. One of Europe’s smallest countries, Belgium is the continent’s biggest per capita source of jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, CNN reported. In February, Jambon revealed Belgium’s intelligence services have flagged 451 citizens as jihadists.

But, Jambon said, racial profiling of jihadists is ineffective. He also said jihadists hail from various backgrounds, “including doctors, lawyers, and common criminals,” and not only from poor environments. Only one in six jihadists comes from a poor home in Belgium, he said. Jambon urged better pan-European cooperation on terrorism.

It is, to me, highly shocking that after Abdelslam’s arrest, 200 young people of foreign origins hurled spontaneously bottles and stones on our police,” Bourgeois said. “It is regrettable that we saw nothing of these images on national television news.”

VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster, said it did not report about the incident for technical reasons and not out of a desire to silence it. 

Hmmm....When fireman reported about the celebrations he had to remove his post from Facebook!

They were Celebrating the same way ISIS Was handing out candy in their territories.

French Families minister Laurence Rossignol: Hijabis like 'negroes who supported slavery'.

French Families minister Laurence Rossignol: Hijabis like 'negroes who supported slavery'. (AlAraby).

A French government minister on Wednesday compared women who wear the hijab to "negroes who supported slavery".

Families minister Laurence Rossignol, sparked outrage on social media with her comment that came after former fashion mogul Pierre Berge lashed out at designers creating Islamic clothing and headscarves, accusing them of taking part in the "enslavement of women".

Berge, the partner of the late fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent, took aim at the wave of big fashion chains that have followed the Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana in catering specifically to the Muslim market.

Rosssignol, who is also responsible for women's rights, maintained she was referring to an abolitionist tract by the French philosopher Montesquieu, "On the Enslavement of Negroes", when she made her controversial comments to BFMTV and RMC radio.

The minister admitted later to AFP that she had made "an error of language" by using the n-word. "But other than that... I don't take back a word," the socialist minister said.

While France - home of Europe's biggest Muslim population - bans face-covering veils, some of its big fashion houses were among the first to tentatively embrace Muslim-specific style.

DKNY, owned by French giant LVMH, pioneered the "modest clothing" trend with a "capsule collection" aimed at the Middle East for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan two years ago.

In January, Dolce & Gabbana became the first major western brand to directly aim at capturing a corner of the Islamic fashion market - estimated to be worth $260 billion (230 billion euros) - with its Abaya range. Read the full story here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brussels Airport Police extremely hard in condemning Airport leadership: "Huge flaws in security"

Brussels Airport Police extremely hard in condemning Airport leadership: "Huge flaws in security". (HLN)[Googletranslated].

Some members of Policing, the federal police department in charge at the airport involved in airport security such as the handling of complaints and declaration of crimes, conducting patrols and protection orders, expressed concern in an open letter. "Every police officer in any police force whatsoever at Zaventem airport knew this day would ever take place", he says in the letter, "a cry for help for airport security they way it should be for the protection of an international airport anno 2016 ".

According to the agents, inspectors and chief inspectors give daily powerful signals about the unsafe conditions at the airport, but their proposals are ignored.

Examples to be cited are the fact that the four levels of the terminal building (train, bus, arrival and departure) are freely accessible to everyone and that before the central body search, there is no security of passengers or luggage. "This open airport policy have long been overtaken in other countries and is the example of the fundamental insecurity at Zaventem airport, "it sounds. They argue for checks on people entering the airport building and want no more passenger cars in a radius of hundreds of meters around the building.

Through open infrastructure terrorists could easily send out scouts to assess the situation "of the security screen to plan the terror attack," it reads further in the letter. Following identity checks on passengers and dubious passersby several information reports were prepared for the service terrorism.

Furthermore,  letter writers complain about numerous incidents involving the homeless, which impede the operation, staff shortages and "abominable infrastructure", which, for example photos and fingerprints can not simultaneously be processed.

Finally, the agents draw attention to the relatively large proportion of workers at the airport ANG known for one or more ( heavy) criminal offenses. Code red is mainly the criminal records of staff working in the triage - and baggage halls at tarmac level.

This fact is a result of policies conducted in the past: "progressive" politics activation policies, affirmative action for certain minorities. The fact that these individuals work and may continue to operate at extremely security-sensitive locations in and around the airport in the year 2016 is hallucinatory

They "tie the cat to the bacon" it sounds. It calls for the active monitoring of known 'problem' personnel in safety sensitive areas of the airport, a more stringent screening of badges and dismissal of persons already 'monitored' on terrorism. Read the full story here. (Dutch).

There is no confirmation that ISIS carried out Good Friday crucifixion of Catholic priest Tom Uzhunnalilin

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil. Credit ANS (Agenzia Notizie Salesiane) Salesian News Agency

There is no confirmation that ISIS carried out Good Friday crucifixion of Catholic priest Tom Uzhunnalil in Yemen.(Catholicnewsagency).

Reports claiming that a kidnapped priest in Yemen was crucified over the weekend are likely false and irresponsible, the local bishop told CNA Monday.

Several blogs and media outlets are reporting that Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday. However, there has been no confirmation of the event by friends, family or Fr. Uzhunnalil’s community.

The original reports were based on a statement Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna allegedly made during Easter vigil services.

On March 4, four gunmen attacked a Missionaries of Charity-run retirement home in Aden, Yemen, killing 16 people including four Missionary of Charity sisters. Fr. Uzhunnalil was kidnapped by the gunman during the attacks, which are thought to have been perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, though no specific group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Bishop Paul Hinder of Southern Arabia (whose apostolic vicariate serves Catholics in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen) told CNA on Monday that he has "strong indications that Fr. Tom is still alive in the hands of the kidnappers," but could not give further information in order to protect the life of the priest.

Bishop Hinder added that Cardinal Schönborn has since corrected his alleged statement, which was made on the basis of an incorrect statement from Archbishop Moras in Bangalore.

Cardinal Schönborn has already corrected his statement which he had made on the basis of the wrong statement of Archbishop Moras in Bangalore. Certain media in India are too nervous and curious and not aware that they are playing with the life of Fr. Tom. I cannot say more for the reason I gave in my first sentence (to protect the life of Fr. Tom),” Bishop Hinder told CNA.

Rumors of a possible impending crucifixion spread last week on the basis of an unconfirmed e-mail and were dismissed by Fr. Uzhunnalil’s Salesian community as hearsay.

“We have absolutely no information” on Fr. Uzhunnalil, said Father Mathew Valarkot, spokesman for the Salesians’ Bangalore province to which the kidnapped priest belongs.

His comments were reported last week by both by ANS news, a Salesian news agency, and UCA News, an independent Catholic news source in Asia. More here and here.

Video - U.S. receives a demonstration of freedom of the press Erdogan style.

Video - British Islamist "Abu Haleema" on Day of Brussels Attacks: Do Not Grieve for the Infidels

British Islamist "Abu Haleema" on Day of Brussels Attacks: Do Not Grieve for the Infidels. (Memri).

In a video titled "Do Not Grieve for Them," posted on the Internet on the day of the Brussels terror attacks, a British Islamist going by the name "Abu Haleema" said that the sympathy of the Muslims should lie with the victims of airstrikes in Syria and Iraq and not with the "infidels."

"When 20,000 Muslims died in Syria - that's where your mercy should be. When 10,000 Muslims died in Iraq - that's where your mercy should be. When they gun down little children in Palestine - that's where your mercy should be," he said.

Following are excerpts

"Abu Haleema": [The Quran says]: "And do not grieve over them." If you read the commentary on that verse - what does it say?

It says: Do not feel regret over their rejection of you and your religion. That is what infidels do. So don't feel regret for that. That is the infidels' job - to oppose your religion, to oppose you as a Muslim. That is what they are supposed to do. They are doing nothing but what infidels do. The only thing they are doing is what infidels are supposed to do, which is to oppose the Muslims. […]

Self-Criticism In The Arab World after Brussels Attacks: "We Must Recognize That Most Terrorism Is Carried Out By Muslims".

Self-Criticism In The Arab World Following Brussels Attacks: "We Must Recognize That Most Terrorism Is Carried Out By Muslims". (Memri).

Following the March 22, 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks that killed 35 and wounded over 300 others the Arab press featured numerous articles accusing the West and various opponents in the region of supporting terrorism.[1] However, several notable articles expressed self-criticism, laying the responsibility for the creation of suicide bombers and for horrific terror attacks on the prevailing cultures and perceptions in the Muslim and Arab countries of origin. They harshly criticized the Muslims for not standing up against terrorism or doing enough to eliminate it and for justifying or even praising the attacks while disregarding any Muslim responsibility for terrorism.

Al-Hayat Editor: We Have Failed, We Flee Our Countries And The World Attempts To Flee The Wave Of Suicide Bombers Produced By Our Culture.

In an article titled "We Have Failed Indeed," the editor of the London-based Saudi daily Al-Hayat, Ghassan Charbel, attacked the Arabs and Muslims for sowing destruction and fear in the very same European countries that had agreed to take them in after they had fled their failed countries. 

Charbel argued that the Arabs and Muslims had not managed to build states and citizens that could integrate into the modern world, and that they must recognize their failure and start from scratch. 

He wrote: "Are we [the Arabs and Muslims] simply part of this world, or are we perhaps an explosive charge implanted in [this world's] entrails? Are we a normal neighborhood in the global village, or are we maybe a neighborhood of suicide bombers in [that village]? Are these massacres that move [from place to place] aimed at annexing the Arab and Muslim communities in the West to the lexicon of slaughter and suicide? Are we part of the world's present and future, or are we a dark tempest that seeks to send [the world] back to the caves that it abandoned when it chose the path of progress and human dignity?

"Do we seek to defend our character, right, or identity? Or do we [actually] seek to impose this character on others? Is our option for the other essentially that he will either be like us or we will blow him up, so that his body parts mingle with ours? Is it accurate [to say] that we are calmed only by seeing the streets of the other's world full of barricades of corpses and broken glass? Who was it that allowed Muslim fanatics to kill a Turk on the streets of Istanbul, a Frenchman on the streets of Paris, and a tourist on the streets of Brussels?

"Has a man who came as a refugee or immigrant to a foreign country that took him in and provided him with a roof over his head, an address, social assistance, and medical care the right to blow himself up on its streets because it did not embrace his character, his interpretation, and his mode of thinking and way of life? 

Does the discourse regarding unemployment and non-integration in Western society detract from [the horror of] the crime? Has a spiteful person the right to kill the other merely because he does not drink with him at the same fount? Have we have the right to continue delving into historical sources in order to rely on past wrongs done to us and use this to justify the slaughter of innocents in a country whence we fled because of a tyrant or a civil war [in our own countries]? Who gave us the right to dictate to others the nature of their regimes, their values, and their lifestyle?

"We have failed indeed.

"This is the truth that can no longer be concealed or condoned. We have failed at building a normal state – a state that lives within its borders. a state of institutions that strives its utmost to obtain progress and development and provide its citizens with work opportunities and involvement, a state that cooperates with its neighbors and the world without being panic-stricken or fettered by spite. We have also failed to build a normal citizen, [one] who belongs to the current stage of development in a rapidly developing world.

"We have failed indeed.

"For decades and centuries, we have been gripped by negligence. We feared, and we closed ourselves off. We punished the oppositionist. We obliterated those who cast doubt, and accused anybody who raised questions of treason. We imprisoned the throats, the fingers, and the dreams. And thus our institutions rotted away – if they ever existed at all. The schools, the universities, and our educational curricula rotted away. Children graduate from our schools with sick imaginations and inflexible emotions... The student has become a number... and a bomb. 

We stood still on the world's platform, as it [the world] moved ahead, further and further, and we became sadder and angrier. We continued to feel that the world was being built without us, and in our absence – that it was being built against us. And this was how we readied our bodies and the explosive charges and blew ourselves up.

"We have failed indeed.

"These feelings overpowered me when I listened to Syrians in Berlin recounting how they had crammed into the death boats in the hope of casting themselves and their children [ashore] into the bosom of a European country; when I listened to the Iraqis who had used the Syrians' passports; and when I saw the tragedy in the eyes of the Yazidis, who were fleeing the hell of the [Islamic] State of [Abu-Bakr] Al-Baghdadi. This is frightening. How much we have read about our homelands and their deeply planted historical roots, while now we can only dream of escaping them, letting them die and writhe in agony around the sectarian anthems and victories by the militias. How we deluded ourselves that we were one people – and then our compatriots in this one people murdered us. We are left only with the death boats to flee our drowning countries...

"We have failed indeed.

"The world is seeking the best way to evade the throngs of refugees that we are sending, and the waves of suicide [terrorists] that are arriving from our territory and culture. The world treats us today as the source of peril to its security, progress, democracy and stability. 

The only solution remaining to us is to acknowledge this comprehensive and resounding failure, this terrible collapse. We must start from scratch, like a city devastated by a deadly earthquake. Continuing to hide behind lies and fallacies will [only] prolong our stay in the caves. We cannot progress to the future with our antiquated concepts and tattered garments. We cannot board the train without paying the fare [exacted] for our stagnation, our delusions, and our inflexible perceptions."[2]   

Kuwaiti Writer: The Muslims Are Not Doing Enough Against Terrorism – And Some Are Even Praising It.

Kuwaiti writer and author Khalil 'Ali Haidar wrote in the Bahraini daily Al-Ayyam that the Muslims are not doing enough against terrorism and are shirking their responsibility for it. 

He wrote: "What are we doing here in our countries, or in Western countries in Europe and America, while these terrible blows of terrorism land on us and them, one after the other? ... In fact, we do not know how to act against these terrorists. Is it sufficient that following each of these terrorist actions, which take place in merciless rapid succession and are all perpetrated by young Muslims... that we say 'they aren't Muslims' and 'they do not represent true Islam' and are misguided khawarij[4] and apostates? And will the world be satisfied with [such statements]?

"Is it normal that while terrorism succeeds in recruiting hundreds and even thousands of Muslims, we are satisfied to persuade ourselves that their numbers 'are still negligible' compared to the global Muslim population? 

Must the number of terrorists swell to tens or hundreds of thousands before we realize that a thunderous pounding torrent [is headed] towards us, and that this means that we must stop, convene, and give intellectuals the freedom to examine the reasons [for this] and the freedom to publish the results of their studies?

"What if we had been citizens of France, Britain, Spain, and the U.S., and had given Arabs, Pakistanis, Chechens, and others all these benefits [that have been given to the Muslims in Europe], including job opportunities, the option of  citizenship, salaries, and subsidies – and then they became terrorists who murdered us?! ...

"The religious culture of the Islamic world during this era is afflicted with innumerable ills. We turn the world upside down over various matters, such as an article that offends us, or issues regarding the niqab, Halal meat, Christians using the word Allah – which Muslims in Malaysia, for instance, claim as their exclusive right

[Furthermore,] many leaders of Pakistani and other immigrant [groups] expend all their efforts in the sectarian campaign against the Ahmadi movement, to the point where they have no time to examine this terrorist urge among their young people, including among the educated, engineers and [other] experts.

"Unfortunately, the Muslims do not yet unanimously condemn ISIS. Some Muslims praise them [ISIS members], think the media wrongs them, and join them at the first opportunity, and even carry out the first suicide mission they are offered anywhere in the world!
"One reason for the immaturity of Muslim young people in Britain, France, and the U.S. is that the leadership of the religious institutions, and all religious activity, still remain in the hands of Arab, Pakistani and other activists and leaders who have fled to the West [and continue to] support political Islam parties.
These leaders may not [themselves] carry out terrorist attacks, but they also do not truly take a stand against the terrorist religious culture. Moreover, most of their writings, ideas, and strategic positions regarding an Islamic system and the caliphate state share [this religious culture].

"We say that 'terrorism has no religion and no homeland.' But we must confront the fact that most terrorist attacks in the Arab and Muslim world itself are not carried out by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Ahmadis, or Baha'is – but by Muslims and the sons and daughters of Muslims. 

Some are not satisfied with carrying out their crimes in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia, but carry them out in Western countries. And even if they believe that terrorism in Europe and the U.S. is justified because of [these countries'] 'colonialist past' and 'hostile positions' against the Arabs and Muslims – of what crimes are the Egyptians, Iraqis, Afghans, and Nigerians guilty? Do those countries also have shameful colonialist pasts?"[5]  Read the full story here.

Infrastructure spending OK, but that’s not what the Trudeau gov. proposes to do.

Infrastructure spending OK, but that’s not what the Trudeau gov. proposes to do. (FrazerInstitute).

Some of the details of the Liberal's budget, which ran almost 270 pages, are now emerging, resulting in serious questions about aspects of the budget.

As a number of researchers have already observed, the rhetoric of the Liberal budget simply doesn’t match their specific plans (see here, here, here). This gap between the rhetoric of the budget and its actual proposals is front and center in one of the budget’s signature sections: infrastructure spending.

Without debating the specific merits of any of these individual initiatives, it’s fairly clear that most of the “infrastructure” spending is not aimed at improving the core infrastructure of the country such as our roads, bridges and highways. In other words, simply calling the spending delineated above “infrastructure” doesn’t mean the spending is actually on infrastructure.

In addition, there are genuine questions about the “multipliers” included in the budget as a rationale for this spending.

The argument, rooted in Keynesian economics, is that governments can spend one dollar and generate more than one dollar’s worth of economic activity.

The narrative employed in the budget, which combines the concepts of both improving the long-term performance of the Canadian economy and the multiplier of infrastructure spending, is that such spending pays for itself.

The problems with this argument are twofold.
One, as outlined above, almost none of the spending referred to as infrastructure is actually on infrastructure. 
And two, the concept of multipliers has been rigorously debated in economics and there is genuine debate about their validity. Read the full story here

Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis, new report shows.

A German motorcycle rider talking with a Dutch peasant woman, at an unknown location in Holland, May 24, 1940. AP.

Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis, new report shows. (ToI).

News agency and Third Reich said to have made mutually beneficial deal, with AP providing countless photos for Nazi propaganda; AP denies collaboration.

The Associated Press news agency willingly cooperated with Nazi Germany, submitting to the regime’s restrictive rulings on the freedom of the press and providing it with images from its photo archives to be used in its anti-Semitic and anti-Western propaganda machine, a new report reveals.

According to German historian Harriet Scharnberg, the world’s biggest news agency was only allowed to remain in Germany because it signed a deal with the regime.

The news agency lost control over its copy by submitting itself to the Schriftleitergesetz (editor’s law), agreeing not to print any material “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home,” she wrote in an article published in the academic journal Studies in Contemporary History.

Scharnberg’s research was first reported by the UK-based Guardian newspaper.

The AP’s images appeared in many of the regime’s propaganda publications. Most of the images in a pamphlet called “Jews in the US” were provided by the AP. Hmmm......."Wir haben es nicht gewusst".  Read the full story here.

Data suggests Russia, despite draw down, shipping more to Syria than removing

Data suggests Russia, despite draw down, shipping more to Syria than removing. (Reuters).

When Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of most of Russia's military contingent from Syria there was an expectation that the Yauza, a Russian bulk carrier and one of the mission's main supply vessels, would return home to its Arctic Ocean port.

Instead, three days after Putin's March 14 declaration, the Yauza (Amguema-class cargo vessel (Rus: Project 550M special-purpose large naval dry cargo vessel) "Yauza" was built at Kherson Shipyard for the Soviet Navy), part of the "Syrian Express", the nickname given to the ships that have kept Russian forces supplied, left the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk for Tartous, Russia's naval facility in Syria.

Whatever it was carrying was heavy; it sat so low in the water that its load line was barely visible.

Its movements and those of other Russian ships in the two weeks since Putin's announcement of a partial withdrawal suggest Moscow has in fact shipped more equipment and supplies to Syria than it has brought back in the same period, a Reuters analysis shows.

It is not known what the ships were carrying or how much equipment has been flown out in giant cargo planes accompanying returning war planes.

But the movements - while only a partial snapshot - suggest Russia is working intensively to maintain its military infrastructure in Syria and to supply the Syrian army so that it can scale up again swiftly if need be. Read the full story here.


Video - Belgian Imams Refuse to Pray for Souls of Non-Muslim Victims of Brussels Attacks.

According to the UAE-based Al-Ghad Al-Arabi TV channel, the council of Belgian imams rejected a recent initiative to pray for the souls of the victims of the Brussels terror attacks on the grounds that praying for non-Muslims ran counter to Islamic law.

In the report, which aired on March 26, Sheikh Abdelhadi Sewif, Chief Imam of the Great Mosque of Brussels, said that one could get around this by avoiding the word "prayer" and calling it a show of solidarity with the families.Hmmmm......Oh by the way "A moment of silence for the victims" was refused as well!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Brussels attacks: 'Fight the westerners' text sent to youths in Molenbeek

Brussels attacks: 'Fight the westerners' text sent to youths in Molenbeek . (Guardian).

Messages, feared to be from Isis recruiters, sent on Sunday after video online apparently showed young people celebrating attacks.

Young men in the Molenbeek district of Brussels were sent messages over the weekend calling on them to “make the right choice” and “fight the westerners”.

The texts were sent on Sunday night from a prepaid account that could not be traced or replied to. It followed a video distributed on Facebook, since removed, apparently showing local youths celebrating the attacks in Brussels last week. The death toll from the bombings has risen to 35, Belgium’s health minister said on Monday.

The short SMS message written in French, which the Guardian has seen, says: “My brother, why not fight the westerners? Make the right choice in your life.”

Jamal Ikazban, the local Socialist party MP, told the Guardian that the communications were stoking tensions in the community. “These people are trying to take our youth by storm,” he said.

It is like having a big-time drug dealer outside the school gates. We feel the same. They have to be taken off the streets. They are predators and our youths are the victims.”

For jihadis to be brazen enough to put out propaganda during a police crackdown after the attacks was “cheeky”, Ikazban said. Read the full story here.

Cuba Doesn’t Need United States: Fidel Castro lectures “Brother Obama”.

Cuba Doesn’t Need United States: Fidel Castro lectures “Brother Obama”. (Politico).

Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has responded to United States President Barack Obama's visit to his country last week saying that "Cuba doesn't need the empire to give us anything."

In an opinion piece for the website Cuba Debate on Monday, the iconic revolutionary figure pointed out that "nobody should be under the illusion that the people of this noble and selfless country will surrender their rights and spiritual wealth that they have won with the development of education, science and culture,” under the Cuban Revolution.

He added that Cuba can "produce the food and material wealth we need through effort and intelligence of our people."

Fidel Castro expressed amazement at Obama's call during his visit to Cuba to simply "forget the past … look to the future," and referred to the "merciless blockade that has lasted almost 60 years" and to US attacks to overthrow the revolution via "mercenary attacks on ships and Cuban ports, an airliner full of passengers detonated in midair, mercenary invasions, multiple acts of violence."

Castro dismissed Obama’s comments during his visit to Cuba as “honey-coated” and said that Cubans “ran the risk of having a heart attack on hearing these words from the president of the United States”.

The former Cuban president positively referred to Obama's "humble origin" and his "natural intelligence," but said that he shouldn't put forward "theories about politics in Cuba."

The leader of the 1959 Cuban Revolution denounced the American President’s pro-democracy remarks as “syrupy.”

"Native populations do not exist at all in the minds of Obama," Castro wrote. "Nor does he say that racial discrimination was swept away by the Revolution; that retirement and salary of all Cubans were enacted by this before Mr. Barack Obama was 10 years old."

Referring to the 1961 failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs, Castro wrote of the US “mercenary force with cannons and armored infantry, equipped with aircraft ... trained and accompanied by warships and aircraft carriers in the US raiding our country. Nothing can justify this premeditated attack that cost our country hundreds of killed and wounded."

Castro referred also to Obama's invocation of both countries' role in the end of apartheid in South Africa, remarking upon his country's 1975 intervention in Angola backing the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola against other US-backed groups. Ridding apartheid South Africa of nuclear weapons "was not the goal of our solidarity," he wrote, "but [rather] to help the people of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and other fascist colonial rule of Portugal."

In referring to the origins of South Africa's nuclear weapons, Castro mentioned the "help that racist South Africa had received from [Ronald] Reagan and Israel."

"I do not know what Obama has to say on this story now," Castro wrote, adding, "although it is very doubtful that I knew absolutely nothing."

"My modest suggestion is to reflect and do not try now to develop theories about Cuban politics."
Cuba "has no need of gifts" from the United States, Castro concluded. "Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because it is our commitment to peace and brotherhood of all human beings living on this planet."

The 1,500-word letter published, titled “Brother Obama”, was Castro’s first response to Obama’s three-day visit last week, in which the American president said he had come to bury the two countries’ history of cold war hostility.

The letter also mentions environmental abuse under the Spaniards and reviews the historical roles of Cuban independence heroes José Martí, Antonio Maceo and Máximo Gómez.

The former president ends his letter with a sort of “thanks but no thanks” to Obama’s offer of assistance.

The former president, 89, did not meet Obama during the March 20 visit which was the first by a sitting US president to travel to the island nation in nearly 90 years.

The meeting between Cuba and the US presidents in Havana was seen as a step towards the normalization of bilateral relations. However, numerous issues remain before full normalization can be reached including the ending of the US blockade on Cuba and the return of the Guantanamo Bay.

Castro, who led Cuba for decades before handing power to his brother in 2008, was legendary for his hours-long, all-encompassing speeches.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Police at Brussels Zaventem airport threatens strike if security measures don't improve.

Temporary check in terminal

Police at Brussels Zaventem airport threatens strike if security measures don't improve. (HLN).[GoogleTranslated]

Police Brussels Airport Zaventem will no longer work at the airport Wednesday if the security measures do not significantly improve. For example, there should be more staff be deployed for security.

Belgian news agency Belga reported Sunday that this was confirmed by a spokesman of the police union in question that there will be a strike if demands are not met. The union demanded action even before the bloody attacks last Tuesday in the departure hall.

The Belgian Ministry of the Interior was told Friday March 18 it would discontinue airport police if there was no action. "The sad events of (Tuesday) March 22 prove that our concerns are justified," said Alain Peeters from the police union NSPV Sunday.

We demand more security and additional staff," says Alain Peeters, national secretary ad interim of the National Syndicate of Police and Security Personnel (NSPV). Today, discussions took place between the NSPV and the head of the government at the airport. "At the Brussels Airport management, we have expressed our concerns.
Specifically, we ask an audit of all travelers before they enter the temporary infrastructure, Which will probably be 'build' in the form of a tent. Secondly, we demand that no cars may appear in a radius of at least 100 meters to the temporary terminal of actual entrance of the airport. ​​"
The measures must be taken before the airport reopens, says the union. The airport authorities want 'Zaventem' to reopen again on Wednesday. Hmmmm......And no this is not an Onion piece.

Turkey Prepares List of 25,000 Syrian 'Muslim Brotherhood' Refugees to Send to Europe

Turkey Prepares List of 25,000 Syrian 'Muslim Brotherhood' Refugees to Send to Europe.(enabbaladi).

Refugees will be sent to Europe in exchange for migrants who traveled illegally from Turkey to Greece, according to Turkish foreign ministry

Turkey announced that it was preparing a list of 25,000 names of Syrian refugees to send to the European Union in light of the recent bilateral readmission agreement to stop the flow of illegal migration to the continent.

An official in the Turkish foreign ministry told the state-run Anadolu Agency on Monday that the list would be sent to the EU in exchange for illegal immigrants to be returned from Greece to Turkey.

Officials in the EU and Greece are expected to arrive in Turkey in order to work on the agreement, which provides for sending a Syrian refugee from Turkey to the European Union in exchange for every refugee returning from Greece after arriving by an illegal route.

A Turkish mission comprised of 18 Turkish observers arrived to the Greek island of Lesbos to help implement the agreement between Ankara and the EU around the refugee crisis.

About 50,000 refugees are currently in Greece, and reports say that more than 1,600 new migrants have arrived to the Greek islands since the agreement entered into force last Sunday. Hmmm.....Why is Turkey solely responsible for selecting  who qualifies as 'refugee' to Europe? And which criteria is being used for the selection?

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

German Terror Expert: 'Even Germany Is Doing Too Little'.

German Terror Expert: 'Even Germany Is Doing Too Little'. (Spiegel).

In an interview following the Brussels attacks, terrorism expert Peter Neumann discusses the growing threat in Europe. Data sharing between police and intelligence agencies must be vastly increased, he argues.

Neumann: We long assumed that, in the West, IS would focus on inspiring single, independent attackers, the so-called "lone wolves." As a result, many security services were taken by surprise that IS could organize relatively complex attacks so quickly and aggressively.

SPIEGEL: Were all security services wrong in their estimation of IS?

Neumann: A high-ranking official of an intelligence service told me that no one apart from the British had anticipated anything like what we have seen. The Americans were aware of course as well, but they always warn of so many scenarios that they at times aren't even taken seriously anymore.

SPIEGEL: Are there individuals in Germany who have returned from Syria with such missions?
Neumann: Of course.

SPIEGEL: What size are IS' reserves? How many suicide bombers are waiting for their call to action?

Neumann: There are around 5,000 to 6,000 Europeans who have traveled to IS in Syria or in Iraq. Around 15 percent of those are likely to have been killed; between 25 and 50 percent will already have returned. Not every returnee is willing to fight.

But, to contrast the situation with al-Qaida, who 10 years ago had perhaps 200 fighters, the number of people they are potentially able to draw upon is a four-digit figure. There aren't just the returnees, but also the supporters in Europe who have never traveled to Syria -- such as the captured Salah Abdeslam.

SPIEGEL: The exchange of information about suspects at the European level is still lacking, despite the establishment of the European Counter Terrorism Center at Europol, the European police agency, and cooperation between intelligence services.

Neumann: Yes, we have no central database in which all the names of individuals likely to threaten public safety or formal suspects are listed. The Left Party in Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, made a small information request last year, and it emerged the database for foreign fighters contained around 2,000 names -- not even half the number of European jihadists who are fighting abroad.

And only five countries provided data at all. Even the Interpol database of stolen and lost passports is rarely used by European countries. We're not talking about a technical problem here, but a political one. If we want the Schengen area to have open borders, then we need to cooperate within it. Even Germany is doing too little in this regard.

SPIEGEL: On top of this is the fact that police forces and security services have different ways of collecting and interpreting data.

Neumann: In part they're even forbidden from sharing data. In Germany, there is a data separation rule (a post-World War II law that stipulates the separation of the work done by police and intelligence services), which is historically justified. We have to accept though that the vast majority of information about jihadist terrorists is in the hands of the secret services. I think it's sensible that the police have greater access to this information. At the moment we have a situation in Europe where the intelligence services' anti-terror task forces are not working with Europol's anti-terror department. In light of the threat posed, this is absurd.

Peter Neumann, 41, is a professor for security studies at King's College in London. In his latest book published in Germany, "The New Jihadists," he warns that Europe is facing a wave of terrorism that will haunt us for decades to come.

Female suicide bomber attacks Syriac church on Easter day in northern Syria.

Female suicide bomber attacks Syriac church on Easter day in northern Syria. (AM).

On Sunday evening, a female suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt in front of the St. George Syriac Orthodox Church in the city of Ras Al-‘Ayn, killing and wounding several civilians in the process.

According to local activists, the woman was reportedly a displaced Syrian from the provincial capital of the Al-Raqqa Governorate – her identity was not revealed.

Ras Al-‘Ayn is currently under the control of the predominately Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) and their political wing “Democratic Union Party” (PYD); this city has been the target of several attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) and Turkish Army.

Terrorists ISIS and Al-Qaeda go to war with one another in western Syria.

Terrorists ISIS and Al-Qaeda go to war with one another in western Syria. (AM).

Two of the largest terrorist organizations in Syria are once again at war with one another after an Al-Qaeda linked group launched a surprise assault on the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) defenses in the Qalamoun Mountains.

Jabhat Al-Joulan (Al-Qaeda franchise) carried out an attack on ISIS’ positions inside the villages of Wadi Al-Zamrani and Wadi Al-Murtabiyah, resulting in a violent battle that claimed the lives 23 Jihadists.

ISIS was able to repel the large-scale assault that was launched by Jabhat Al-Joulan on Sunday; however, not before they lost 13 combatants along the western slopes of the Qalamoun Mountains.

Despite their military failure in the Qalamoun Mountains, Jabhat Al-Joulan only lost a total of 10 fighters during their battle with ISIS on Sunday, leaving the aforementioned terrorist group with the higher death toll. Read the full story here.

Video - Despite living with daily terror! Purim parade in Holon Israel

Lahore Taliban: "We wanted to kill Christians." But victims include Muslim women and children

Lahore Taliban: "We wanted to kill Christians." But victims include Muslim women and children. (AN).

This morning the city of Lahore seems deserted, with markets and schools closed in solidarity with the victims of yesterday’s suicide attack, which caused 72 victims, mostly women and children, and 350 injured.

The spokesman for Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan off-shoot Jamaat ul Ahrar, Ehansullah Ehsan, claimed responsibility for the attack and stated: "We wanted to attack Christians who were celebrating Easter."

In fact this year, the Punjab government recognized Easter Sunday as a holiday from work and many Christian families from the suburbs had taken the opportunity to visit Lahore, or visit Gulshan-e-Iqbal park, the place of attack, in the area adjacent to children's amusement park, where there were also Muslim families and their young children.

Lahore priest Fr. Morris Jalal, confirms that "many Christians were killed" and states: "Instead of difficult and hard targets [military barracks, etc.], the terrorists now aim at soft targets. They use suicide bombs to cause as many  victims as possible as quickly as possible ".

Fr Emmanuel Yousaf Mani, director of the National Justice and Peace Commission, said: "We are in a situation similar to that in Syria. The terrorists are followers of a religion of terror. They spare neither Christians nor Muslims. They think they have license to even kill families and children”.

Since yesterday evening, the hospitals of the city are crowded with the families of those killed and injured. An elderly Muslim woman, who lost her 21 year old son and daughter in law, curses: "What will happen to the attacker on the day of judgment? Will he be forgiven in the presence of Allah? May God give us the strength to take revenge on that day! May we be allowed to obscure their faces. "

Arif Masih, a young Christian who was at the park with his family, said: " There was blood and bodies everywhere, it was devastating, I almost fainted ". A Christian woman, Asma Masih in tears, still does not know anything about what happened to his children: "my whole world has ended, the children insisted to come to the park to enjoy themselves, now I cannot find them, I have lost everything".

The police chief of Lahore, Haider Ashraf, said that about 20 kg of explosives were used in the attack, that there were four terrorists; three managed to escape, one blew himself up.

According to preliminary data, it is Muhammad Yousaf, 22-25 years old, son of a vegetable vendor from Muzaffargarh (Punjab), who has spent some time in a madrassa [Islamic school] in Lahore.

Many people, Christians and Muslims, are visiting hospitals to donate blood for the injured, showing their will to stand united against extremism. There are also people who are critical of the lack of security personnel and are insisting that the government deploy  special forces [rangers].

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the Lahore hospitals and the injured, promising an all-out fight against terrorists. The Government of Punjab has announced three days of mourning.

Obama allegedly rejects Erdogan offer on joint Maryland mosque opening.

Obama allegedly rejects Erdogan offer on joint Maryland mosque opening. (PressTv)

US President Barack Obama has turned down an offer by his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to participate in the planned inauguration of a Turkish-funded mosque in Maryland.

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, Obama also has no plans for a formal one-on-one meeting with Erdogan during this week’s Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Washington.

The fourth and final NSS convention will kick off on Thursday in the US capital where Obama is expected to tell delegations from 51 nations, plus major groups such as the European Union and United Nations, about steps taken to ensure nuclear materials do not fall to militant groups.

Senior administration officials told the Journal, though, that Obama’s decision should not be taken as a slight since the two leaders met in November at the Group of 20 summit in Turkey, and spoke by phone in February. Hmmm......Meanwhile Erdogan’s newspaper Yeni Safak reports: “Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama are expected to open the mosque.

“The $100 million mega-mosque in Maryland, US will soon be open in the Washington, DC area, as Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to open the mosque during his official visit to the US between March 29 and April 2.” More on this story here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

At least 53 dead, 100 injured in Lahore apparent Suicide bomber blast

53 dead, 100 injured in Lahore apparent Suicide bomber blast. (ET).

At least 25 people were killed and several were injured in a suicide blast outside Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore on Sunday evening.

According to initial reports, the blast took place near gate no 1 of the mentioned park. At least 20 people have been reportedly injured in the incident.

Police and rescue personnel have reached the incident site and have cordoned off the area.

At least 10 people have been killed in a blast outside Gulshan Iqbal Park,” Jam Sajjad Hussain, spokesperson for Recuse 112 told Reuters, adding that more than 30 people were injured and had been taken to various hospitals in the city.

“We cannot rule out that this was a suicide attack but things will be clear soon,” Haider Ashraf DIG Operations Lahore said.
It has also been confirmed that it was a suicide blast that ripped through the park when it was teeming with visitors.

At least 38 people were killed and more than 100 are injured,” Mustansar Feroz, superintedent of police for the area told Reuters. “Most of the dead and injured are women and children.” Rescue officials said more than 30 dead bodies had been taken to hospitals around the city.

A police official told The Express Tribune that the blast took place when visitors were coming out of the park. The injured are being shifted to private medical facility nearby. Read the full story here.

Hamas delegation from Muslim brotherhood 'Den' Qatar returns to Cairo for more talks with Egypt.

Hamas delegation from Muslim brotherhood 'Den' Qatar returns to Cairo for more talks with Egypt. (AlAhram).

A Hamas delegation returned to Cairo from Doha on Sunday to resume discussions with Egyptian officials in the second leg of talks on the future of the Islamist movement's relationship with Egypt.

The visit to Cairo by officials from Hamas, which has ruled the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip since 2006, comes less than two weeks after Hamas officials held similar talks with their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo.

Hamas is expected to respond on Sunday to Egyptian requests made in earlier talks.

Prior to the delegation's arrival in Cairo, a member of the Hamas politburo, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, said that the movement is going to treat the Egyptian demands "positively."

Egypt has stipulated several demands to improve its relations with Hamas, according to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, including a pledge of non-interference by Hamas in Egyptian affairs; cooperation with Cairo on investigations over issues that affect Egyptian security; and stopping extremists and hostile parties from entering or leaving the Strip from Sinai.

The demands also include severing Hamas' ties with the banned Muslim Brotherhood and the prevention of cross-border smuggling activity.

Hamas will present its requests to the Egyptian side during the visit, including the opening of the Rafah border crossing, which has been closed most days of the year by Egyptian authorities since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013; a halt of media campaigns against the movement, an end to the Egyptian flooding of cross-border tunnels; and the return of four Hamas members who "disappeared" last year in Sinai.

Hamas also wants more trade between the two sides; the resumption of Egyptian efforts in mediating the mutual observation of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel; and the continuation of Cairo's role in mediating between Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Sinai is the only way for 1.5 million Palestinians who live under Israeli siege in Gaza in and out of the Strip.

A Palestinian diplomatic source privy to recent developments in Hamas-Egypt relations told Ahram Online that the movement has recently changed its attitude towards Egypt.

The source said Hamas has taken action on the ground in Gaza on security issues of concern to Cairo, and has revised its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of today's visit.

According to media reports, the Palestinian Islamist movement has removed posters and slogans of the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders around Gaza streets following the first round of talks with Cairo in an act of reconciliation with Egypt.

Relations between Hamas and Egypt soured following Morsi's ouster, with Egyptian officials repeatedly linking Hamas to terror acts in Egypt.

Egypt has regularly accused Hamas of supporting Islamist militants who have been waging a 10-year-old insurgency against Egyptian security forces in North Sinai.

Earlier this month, Egypt's interior minister Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar accused Hamas members of conspiring with the Brotherhood to assassinate Egypt's prosecutor-general Hisham Barakat in June 2015.

The Palestinian group has repeatedly denied these accusations.

Sermons Of Pro-ISIS Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal, Who Is Banned From Preaching, Are spread On YouTube as 'educational'.

Sermons Of Pro-ISIS Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal, Who Is Banned From Preaching, Are spread On YouTube as 'educational'. (MEMRI).

Pro-ISIS Jamaican cleric Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal, whose sermons are frequently uploaded by the “Umm Thalaatha” YouTube channel, spent four years in a UK prison for murder and inciting hatred. A graduate of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, he is said to have inspired several terrorists, among them shoe bomber Richard Reid, 9/11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui, London bombers Muhammad Sidique Khan and Germaine Lindsay, and Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouq Abdulmutullab.

After he was deported from the UK back to Jamaica, the Islamic Council of Jamaica banned him from preaching.
However, the Jamaica Observer stated, “Jamaican police have maintained, however, that while the cleric will have to be constantly monitored, he has never incited murder or preached race hate messages on the island.” 
On February 26, 2016, Al-Faisal delivered a sermon which was uploaded onto “Umm Thalaatha’s” YouTube channel, titled “The Manhaj [path] For Establishing The Sharia,” in which he railed against former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi, saying that he should be hanged by the “apostate” Egyptian government.

In his sermon, Al-Faisal condemned Morsi not for being a Muslim Brotherhood member but because the Muslim Brotherhood had participated in the democratic political process in Egypt, thereby discrediting jihad and “promoting fitna [dissent].”

He also strongly endorsed violence as the best path (manhaj) for Muslims, and said that all homosexuals should be executed in accordance with the shari’a. The sermon is listed under the education category on YouTube. Read the full story here.

Video - North Korea releases propaganda clip showing Washington under nuclear attack

North Korea releases propaganda film showing Washington under nuclear attack. (Yahoo).

North Korea on Saturday released a new video titled “Last Chance,” showing a submarine-launched nuclear missile laying waste to Washington and concluding with the United States flag in flames.

The four-minute video romps through the history of US-Korean relations and ends with a digitally manipulated sequence showing a missile surging through clouds, swerving back to the earth and slamming into the road in front of Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

The US Capitol building explodes in the impact and a message flashes up on the screen in Korean: “If US imperialists budge an inch toward us, we will immediately hit them with nuclear [weapons].

The video was published on the North Koreas news website, DPRK Today, and shows images from the Korean War, the capture of US spy ship Pueblo in 1968 and the first crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program in the early 1990s.

Pyongyang has threatened nuclear and conventional strikes against South Korea and the US mainland in response to South Korean-US war games.

Meanwhile North Korea leader Kim Jong-un on Friday watched a live-fire long-range artillery drill simulating a strike on the official residence of his South Korean counterpart.

North Korea warned Saturday that its military is ready to attack Seoul's presidential palace unless South Korean President Park Geun-hye apologizes for "treason" and publicly executes officials responsible for what Pyongyang says are plans to attack its leadership.

Military tensions have been soaring on the divided Korean peninsula following increased US military presence in the region and joint military drills with the South which Pyongyang has termed as provocative rehearsals for invasion.

Having repeatedly shunned North Korean proposals for negotiations over the last several years, the US government early March succeeded in securing harsh UN sanctions that can only further strain relations.

The US is using UN Security Council resolutions to wage an economic warfare against North Korea and imposing collective punishment on the entire country’s population.

Pyongyang says developing a nuclear weapon is necessary in order to protect itself against US interference in North Korean affairs, and that the bomb can defend Pyongyang against any invasion.

Top Brussels rabbi: 'Belgian authorities know nothing about security'.

Top Brussels rabbi: 'Belgian authorities know nothing about security'. (TOI).

Amid revelations of perceived failures in Belgium’s handling of terror threats, a prominent rabbi from Brussels said Belgian authorities “have no understanding of security issues.”

Hadad said that soldiers who were posted outside a synagogue and the city’s Chabad House following the slaying of four Jews in Brussels’ Jewish Museum of Belgium in 2014 told him that for months, they used to guard the area with no bullets in their rifles. “It was just a show. It’s not normal,” he said. Read the full story here.

Video - Easter - Christ Is Risen - Matt Maher

"Christ is risen! Truly, He is risen!"

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trudeau' 'budget' slips in proposal to seize your bank account if bank fails.

Trudeau' 'budget' slips in proposal to seize your bank account if bank fails. HT: CIJNews.

Did you see what Justin Trudeau slipped into the budget this week, hidden away on page 223?
It’s called a bank “bail-in regime”.

That means if a Canadian bank starts to fail, it would be allowed to seize your bank account to pay its bills. Seriously.

It’s what they did in Cyprus three years ago, when bankers there made risky loans to Greece. In a back-room deal, politicians and bankers decided to pay off the bank debts by just seizing 10% of everyone’s deposits.

The country had a melt-down. Banks closed, ATM withdrawals were limited. It was a disaster. Of course, well-connected insiders got all of their cash out in time.

It’s all right there in black and white in Trudeau’s budget. Click here to see for yourself.

This outrageous proposal is not yet law. But if Canadians accept it in silence, it will be. Hmmm.....If you want to know a 'man's' Character give him power! Read the full story here. 2016 Budget can be downloaded here.

Iran Questions Legitimacy of Appointing UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Iran.

Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Questions Legitimacy of Appointing UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Iran. (IranFrontpage).

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari censured the recent re-appointment of Ahmed Shaheed as the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, saying the decision has no legal basis.

In a statement late on Thursday, Jaberi Ansari described the decision at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to extend the mandate of Ahmed Shaheed as politically-motivated and biased.

The composition of countries supporting the decision like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, whose people are witnessing systematic violations of human rights by their governments, indicates the fact that the move was politically motivated, the spokesman said. 

He emphasized that it also proved the West’s instrumental use of the international mechanism for protecting human rights (UNHRC).

The Islamic Republic is committed to its obligations regarding the promotion of human rights in compliance with its constitution and religious values, Jaberi Ansari said, adding that accordingly, Tehran has always cooperated with the UN human rights mechanisms, including the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The UPR is a unique mechanism of the Human Rights Council (HRC) aimed at improving the human rights situation on the ground of each of the 193 United Nations (UN) Member States.

Under this mechanism, the human rights situation of all UN Member States is reviewed every 4.5 years.

Various reports by Ahmed Shaheed have attacked the Islamic Republic.

The reports have come under criticism by many independent observers who have questioned them for being based on accounts provided by expatriates and terrorist groups such as Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). Quoting materials from Iran Front Page is permitted only if the source is mentioned by name.
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