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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why are many Muslim immigrants in Germany against refugees?

Why are many Muslim immigrants in Germany against refugees? (FrankfurterAlgemeiner). [GoogleTranslated].

Under German Muslims resentment against immigrants is just as common as in the rest of the population, while many of them were even at times refugees. Why is that? Searching for clues in Hamburg.

One does not have to look far to find social network individuals whose apparent sympathy for right-wing populist, xenophobic positions at first glance quite surprised. People with Turkish-sounding name about who entered in their user profiles Izmir, Adana and Istanbul as hometowns and to participate in discussions of criminal asylum seekers or the necessity of closed borders. The young man, for example, the most written in its own page posts to Turkish and posing with red crescent flag and writes on the AfD Facebook page, refugees were "antisocial parasites who take by force what they want".

Or a resident of a North German town A gentleman who carries mustache and Arab name , "southerners" for the increase of sexual assaults and acts of violence and blames the AFD wishes great success. One who remarkably frequent reports on refugee critical pages to word, is the Krefeld doctor Gürol Salk. It calls on the consistent protection of borders, "be it with a fence, with walls, police or military," he frets about immigrants who "surprise us" and "without filtering come into the country", and he sees the danger of Islamist terrorist attacks in German cities.

On the phone Salk told, he had left his Turkish homeland many years ago because he did not bear the progressive Islamization of the country under the AKP government. Now he fears that this could be repeated with the Islamisation in Germany. Just because he had spent half his life in Turkey, he knows the differences between cultures, says Salk. Thus, there exists even within Turkey cultural tensions: For some misogynistic traditions about that are maintained in the rural areas of Turkey, are difficult to accept in a secular city like Izmir - "how strange can it be then for the Germans, if now cultures come here from Syria and North Africa? ".

That being said, there is simply not enough room for more refugees, that German cities are already "overcrowded". There should be a reasonable quality control and selection taking place at the boundaries: "professionals" and "people who suit us" can come in, "illiterate" out. Especially under the "uncontrolled immigration" most "well-integrated foreigners" as he would suffer. Because an increasingly negative view of migrants arises in the society by their company.

Immigrant and resentment towards refugees are not mutually exclusive. To which concluded last October already an opinion poll commissioned by the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag". Accordingly, found 40 percent of surveyed immigrants, Germany should take fewer refugees, 24 percent even said there should come no more refugees into the country. The figures do not differ much from survey among German origin. And just like the rest of society has also at immigrants sentiment exacerbated since the attacks in New Year's Eve.

For example, in the migrant-dominated districts of Hamburg. Anyone who asks around here meets a few people who do not have at least a few reservations about asylum seekers. The 19-year old trainee Sinem Yaman sitting in a shopping center in the south of the city and eating salad from a plastic cup, as she describes the "malaise" that they feel in the face of rising numbers of refugees. You have a fear of the "Islamic State" and fear that among the refugees could be supporters of the terrorist group. A few weeks ago she was in Istanbul when a bomb exploded there and ten German tore into death. Since then, she was afraid that something like this could happen in Germany again. In buses and trains she felt also often harassed by "young men who speak loudly and staring Arabic a" and not just since New Year's Eve, but "since one or two years".

Nevertheless, she is not inherently against that needy people in Germany would find shelter ". It's okay if they come here, but then they have to adapt" her companion Oguzhan Inan, a young man with black, high-combed hair and friendly expression, agrees with her.

Even in St. Georg, a colorful multicultural district, which is considered the center of Islam in Hamburg and for refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan is one of the main focal points in the city, you can feel since the events of Cologne insecurity among long-established immigrants , Before "Sönmez market", a large grocery store on one of the busiest corners of the district, are men in front of the vegetable stalls and trailers. My home will also be destroyed, scolds a big man with jet-black, bushy mustache who did not want to read in the newspaper his name. He came from Diyarbakir, in southeastern Turkey, where the Turkish government just waging a war against the Kurds.

The many Syrians and Iraqis who were on their way to Europe, would in his opinion, only come because of the social benefits. He himself had come indeed way back as a refugee, it was 30 years ago. Meanwhile, he has a German passport and can vote: "Merkel does not get my vote. She is responsible for the fact that you can feel really safe here no longer.

The Krefeld doctor Gürol Salk does not believe that the integration of "uneducated refugees" can succeed. For him, the matter is clear: "I want to stay here, I do not want to emigrate again and have to start again from scratch, and therefore I do not want that Germany even more changes," he says. Therefore, he would vote in the next election for the AFD. For the immigrant from Izmir man it would be the first time that he participates in a German election. Hmmm.....It seems their fears are our fears. Read the full story here.

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