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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Were the wounded Kurd civilians in Cizre basement executed by Turkish Soldiers?

Were the wounded Kurd civilians in Cizre basement executed by Turkish Soldiers? (ANF).

No news have been received for the past 4 days from the wounded people waiting in the basement of a building in Cizre’s Cudi neighborhood for the past 12 days. Photos of 8 executed bodies were published in AKP’s social media accounts.

HDP parliamentarians had spoken with the wounded people during the meetings they had with officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs 3 days ago.

10 women with white flags had walked to the yard of the building where the wounded people are two days ago. Ayşe Güven was among these women and said that the second and third floors of the building were destroyed. Güven said that tanks surrounded the building, and no response came through when they called on their children trapped in the building.


Photos of several bodies allegedly from Cizre were shared in AKP’S social media accounts last night. These photos depict the bodies of 8 executed people, but it is not yet certain if the bodies are of the wounded people in the basement. The bodies in the photos are tortured and in an unrecognizable state.


Emergency measure application made to the European Court of Human Rights regarding the inhumane daily attacks that take place in front of the entire world had been rejected. Encouraged by this, the AKP media increased its manipulative coverage claiming that armed persons were in and around the building. However, Civilian Defense Forces (YPS) made a statement yesterday and highlighted that they had no armed forces in the region in question.


Autopsy procedures regarding the 6 bodies, 1 of whom belonged to a woman, that were found 2 days ago in Cizre continue in Şırnak State Hospital. An eyewitness accompanied by the HDP Parliamentarian Leyla Birlik went to the morgue of Şırnak hospital in order to identify these bodies, and stated the following:

I went to the morgue with the suspicion that one of the deceased was my relative. There are 6 bodies there; two of them are completely burnt. One of the bodies is of a woman
We went to the morgue for identification, but could not do so because the bodies were too damaged. The photos shared online are the same photos that are in the morgue. I could only look at the faces of the deceased, and two of them were completely burnt. It is impossible for me to speak of the condition they were in.”
Hmmmm.......Just imagine the UN outrage if Israel did this.

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