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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Video - Bugatti 100p ' Rêve Blue ' Air plane.

Building the Bugatti 100p Replica 2010 - 2015

An account of Lawson Modelmakers Involvement by John lawson

The Bugatti 100p is a unique aircraft, the only aircraft the Bugatti company ever built – likely the world’s first technology demonstrator, but when the German Army marched into Paris on the evening of June 14th 1940 Ettore Bugatti was faced with a dilemma – allow this highly advanced aircraft and its technology to fall into German hands or flee Paris, taking the aircraft with him.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Alexander Lippisch was already aware of the aircraft, indeed it is thought that he and the aircrafts designer Louis de Monge were in correspondence before war broke out, so it made sense that Lippisch would want whatever secrets he could glean from the aircraft. Bugatti decided to remove the aircraft and most likely all relevant drawings and hide them on his country estate near Molsheim.

After the war, the aircraft was largely forgotten until an American Bugatti enthusiast called Ray Jones bought the plane and brought it back to the USA intending to restore it. In the end, he simply removed the twin 8 cylinder Bugatti Type 50 engines and sold on the airframe which eventually ended up with the Lefferts brothers for a partial restoration.

The aircraft spent several years either in storage or undergoing failed restoration attempts until eventually it ended up at the US Experimental Aircraft Association museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where a cosmetic restoration was finally completed and the aircraft placed on display. It remains one of the museums’ most popular attractions. Read the full story here.

HT And Source for picture below: @CTStudies


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