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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Video - Belgium - 100 asylum seekers start riot in center, for Syrian woman not wearing a headscarf.

Video - Belgium - Group of asylum seekers start riot, for Syrian woman not wearing a headscarf.

Eleven asylum seekers "removed" after brawl over veil.(HLN)[GoogleTranslated].

Eleven people were arrested Friday afternoon after a brawl with a hundred people involved in the asylum center of Leopoldsburg have since been "removed." This confirms An Luyten, the spokeswoman for the Red Cross. "The four that were part of the core portion are transferred to a detention center. The seven others are individually housed and distributed in the other reception centers in Flanders," said An Luyten.

"The four, who moved to the detention center, started the fight. The discussion was about a young woman of Syrian origin who had to wear a headscarf in accordance with the Afghans. Which is Weird because there are several women without headscarves around. Why just this Syrian was targetted, is not clear. the Syrians sided with the young woman, while the Afghans and Iraqis were on the other side. With the removal of the eleven fighters we want to give a clear signal, "says An Luyten.

The Red Cross has decided not to remove 11 but 30 asylum seekers from the shelter in Leopoldsburg. 29 of them have been transferred to another center, one man is excluded. The asylum seekers were on Friday involved in a large-scale battle, because a Syrian girl was not wearing a headscarf. The girl with her family also left from the shelter in Leopoldsburg, they did not want to stay there any longer. They stay with relatives until there is a new place for them.

Secretary of State for asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) has responded to the brawl in the asylum center of Leopoldsburg.
"I find it totally unacceptable that some young Afghans find it necessary to tell them to wear a headscarf and that they should not dress according to western fashion," he says. "They come here, they are a guests here. We are not guests with them. They have to adapt to our rules." "They need to adapt to our rules"
"If they think they can import their wars and conflicts , then they're wrong . The next few days I will discuss with the government if we can extend the sanctions for misbehaving asylum seekers so that they may lose their permanent asylum. This way we should not have to pay for them, " Francken said.

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