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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twitter putting anti American & Anti Israel group in charge of 'censorship'.

Twitter putting anti American & Anti Israel group in charge of 'censorship'. HT: FrontpageMag.

Twitter has unveiled its "Trust and Safety Council" under the creepily Orwellian slogan, "When it comes to safety, everyone plays a role". These groups will be helping set censorship policy for the site.

The Trust and Safety Council incorporates a laundry list of organizations, most obsessed with identity politics, bullying of hate speech, some of them more problematic than others. So while the Dangerous Speech Project suggests that countering speech is better than censorship, Twitter's Trust and Safety Council also includes Feminist Frequency.

Stuart K. Hayashi had discussed the problems with Feminist Frequency earlier this year. Jonathan McIntosh,the man behind Feminist Frequency, is a radical leftist who has smeared American soldiers and attacked Israel and complained about people celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden.

Aside from McIntosh's politics, it's very problematic that a man who hates free speech this much will be helping set censorship policy for Twitter's Trust and Safety Council.

McIntosh is also vehemently anti-Israel. Over the years, McIntosh has been at many anti-Israel rallies, using his photography skills to put forward an anti-Israel message. His work can be seen on Boston Indymedia, The Electronic Intifada, and a .PDF file from Each one credits McIntosh, and the Boston Indymedia and Electronic Intifada link back to an old site of McIntosh’s called McIntosh has taken the site down recently, but it didn’t stop the citizens of the internet to archive his website, proving that it is the same McIntosh from Feminist Frequency that is attending these anti-Israel rallies.

Anita Sarkeesian, the front woman for Feminist Frequency, helped promote a UN Broadband Council report which quoted Lyndon LaRouche and was described by The Telegraph as a blueprint for internet censorship. Read the full story here. More here.

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  1. It's pretty simple really. Don't like it, stop using it.


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