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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'Sectarian partition of Syria inevitable and preferable' Ram Ben-Barak.

'Sectarian partition of Syria inevitable and preferable' Ram Ben-Barak. (MEMO).

Israel expressed doubts on Sunday that the agreement reached in Munich to halt hostilities in Syria would succeed, suggesting a sectarian partition of the country was inevitable and perhaps preferable, reported.

Ram Ben-Barak, director-general of Israel's Intelligence Ministry, described partition as "the only possible solution".

"I think that ultimately Syria should be turned into regions, under the control of whoever is there," he told Israel's Army Radio, arguing that Assad's minority Alawite sect had no way to heal its divisions with the Sunni Muslim majority.

"I can't see how a situation can be reached where those same 12 percent Alawites go back to ruling the Sunnis, of whom they killed half a million people there. Listen, that's crazy."

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon also predicted that Syria will turn into "enclaves" under the de-facto control of religious and ethnic sects. Read the full story here.

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