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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nasrallah in Latest Speech: 'Ammonia plant in Haifa is my atomic bomb'.

Nasrallah in Latest Speech: 'Ammonia plant in Haifa is my atomic bomb'. (YnetNews).

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened on Tuesday to fire missiles at the ammonia plant in Haifa, which he claimed would cause an explosion similar to that of a nuclear bomb.

Nasrallah had a message for IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, "its simple mathematics. A few missiles on a few ammonium plants equals the same amount of death as an atomic can destroy Lebanon and Dahiyeh. You have the strongest airforce, you have missiles, and you have other means by which to do it. But we can do the same thing to you (Israel) with only a few missiles aimed at a few amonium plants."

Nasrallah then quoted an Israeli expert saying that the residents of Haifa are afraid of a deadly attack on the ammonia plant which contains more that 15,000 tons of gas. An explosion there could kill hundreds of thousands of people in the area. The same expert compared the hypothetical attack to a "nuclear bomb."

After the Second Lebanon War, the Haifa municipality ordered a report from a British company, in order to mitigate the risks to the ammonia plant. The report revealed that in the event of a hit on the ammonia plant, it will release a cloud ten miles in diameter, and will cover all of Haifa and Acre. "Researchers who conducted the studies in the 1990's concluded that there could be 70,000 casualties," said professor Amos Natua.
 "The State Comptroller released a statement in 2003 that the number will likely be much higher."
The Haifa municipality issued a response to the speech saying "We don't believe that we should run the country based on Nasrallah's arrogant speeches, but we're happy that he put this worrying and important issue on the agenda- even if it is coming from a frightened man who's been hiding in a bunker for the last several years." Read the full story here.

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