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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Iraq recovers 'Missing' Radioactive Material.

Iraq recovers 'Missing' Radioactive Material. (Naharnet).

Iraqi authorities on Sunday recovered radioactive material that had gone missing in the country's south more than three months earlier, the environment ministry's spokesman said.

"We found the radioactive material that was lost by a Turkish... company," Amir Ali Hassoun told AFP.

The material "still had the same properties and did not lead to the injury of anyone," Hassoun said.
He said the environment ministry will keep the material -- Iridium-192 -- until it can be returned to its owner, which another official earlier said was Turkish firm SGS.

The material was found near a wall at a petrol station in Zubair, a town near the southern port city of Basra, Hassoun said.

Mahdi Raykan, the head of the Zubair security committee, confirmed that the material was found in the town, and said it was recovered following a tip that a strange item was at the site. Read the full story here.

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