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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Iran's 'Staunchest ally' the Obama 'admin' lost track of Iranian nuclear shipments to Russia.

Iran's 'Staunchest ally' the Obama 'admin' lost track of Iranian nuclear shipments. HT :IMRA

The United States, which pledged vigorous oversight, has acknowledged that it lost track of Iranian nuclear shipments.

The State Department acknowledged that Washington failed to monitor the transfer of Iranian uranium shipments to Russia. A senior official said tons of Iranian low-enriched uranium arrived in Russia and was taken to an unidentified location.

"It has not yet been decided where exactly Russia will put this information," State Department lead coordinator on Iran, Stephen Mull, said.

In a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Feb. 11, Mull was grilled by Rep. Chris Smith regarding Iranian uranium shipments to Russia.

Mull could not tell the House committee the destination of the 25,000 pounds of enriched uranium, but emphasized that Russia could be trusted with the nuclear material.

"We obviously have many differences under many years with Russia, but one of the features of our relationship is pretty close cooperation on protection of nuclear material," Mull said.
But under questioning, Mull acknowledged that Washington did not verify the Iranian shipment, part of Teheran's nuclear agreement with the P5+1 nations
The official said Russia, rather than the International Atomic Energy Agency, was responsible for the Iranian uranium. Instead, IAEA attended the loading of the Iranian uranium on the Russian ship.

"This is a flaw in my opinion," Smith said. "This cannot be allowed to stand." Hmmm............High crimes and misdemeanors


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