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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Iran: "we are producing our own Karrar tank" skips buying Russian T90.

Karrar Tank

Iran: "we are producing our own Karrar tank" skips buying Russian T90. (Taz).

Iran is manufacturing its own tank - Karrar, instead of purchasing Russian T90 tanks, said the country's Defense Minister Hossein Dehgan.

Dehgan said that Karrar has all the capabilites of the T90, Defense Ministry's official website reported on Feb.10.

"We are producing Karrar domestically," he said. "It is more advanced than T90."

Iran previously held talks with Russia regarding the purchase of the T90 tanks, however later abandoned the idea. Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, commander of the Iranian army's ground forces has previously said that buying the T90 tanks is not on the country's agenda.

“The Russian T-90 tank is one of our favorites,” he said, adding however purchasing this tank was later abandoned considering Iran’s domestic capacities for producing tanks. “Iran currently plans to use its domestic capacities to meet its demand for tanks,” the commander said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director General of Russaian Uralvagonzavod company Alexey Zharich said on Feb. 4 that his company proposed to license production of T90 in Iran if the UN sanctions on the country are lifted.

February 3:
Russian UralVagonZavod (UVZ) company is ready to establish T-90S main battle tanks (MBT) licensed production in Iran in the case of military-techinal cooperation liberalization and lifting of related limitations. It was revealed by the UVZ`s official spokeperson Alexey Zharich.

February 9:
Iran's defense minister just announced a new main battle tank called Karrar. According to the defense minister, Hossein Dehghan, the tank is as capable as Russia's T-90 tank, and perhaps even better.

Coincidence ? I don't think so.

Iranian Tanks. Source.

Zulfiqar: Probably Iran's best known indigenous tank design, the original prototype was based on the M60 Patton with a redesigned turret. Hull armor was made of normal steel and the turret was composite. All variants of the Zulfiqar are equipped with the 2A46 125 mm smoothbore cannon (with autoloader) found on the T-72. Mobility is considered to be good, with a 70 km/h (43 mph) top speed, although the Zulfiqar 3 has less horsepower per ton than the first two variants.

Mobarez: The Mobarez is Iran's domestically produced improved version of the Chieftain main battle tank from the United Kingdom. Not much has been changed and according to Wikipedia, the Mobarez has new laser rangefinders and thermal sight systems as well as a more powerful 850 horsepower diesel engine, giving the Mobarez a slight mobility advantage over the Chieftain.

T-72Z/Safir-74: Iran has substantially modified it's Soviet T-55 and Chinese Type 59 main battle tanks to improve their battlefield capabilities. These series of upgrades are known as the T-72Z is the Iranian name for Chinese tanks that have received these upgrades and the Safir-72 is for the Soviet T-55 tanks that have received the same upgrades. Said upgrades include the replacement of the original 100 mm cannon with a 105 mm M68 which is also found in the M60 Patton. The gun also has improved fire control systems and automatic stabilization. Armor upgrades have included an armored skirt over the roadwheels and the addition of ERA armor on the turret, skirt and front glacis plate. The old engine has been replaced with a new 780 horsepower V46-6 diesel engine from the Ukraine.

Sabalan: The Sabalan has been mentioned on this forum before and is a domestically produced M47M Patton with several upgrades. These include a new 105 mm main gun, laser rangefinder and improved fire control systems. Aesthetic differences include the addition of an armored skirt above the roadwheels as well as a redesigned turret.

T-72S: Iran produces the T-72 main battle tank under licence and is likely based on the M1. Essentially the same as the T-72M1, the T-72S comes with several armor configurations, including tanks equipped with ERA armor and slat armor.

Samsam: According to this, the Samsam is a domestically manufactured improved version of the M60A1 Patton main battle tank, much like the Mobarez is an improved variant of the Chieftain. Little is known about what exact upgrades the Samsam has and it appears to basically be a standard M60, although it can be fitted out with ERA armor.

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