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Thursday, February 18, 2016

413 women killed across Turkey since start of 2015.

413 women killed across Turkey since start of 2015. (HD).

One in three women is subjected to violence the statement underlined. 

Some 413 murders of women were reported by the Turkish media in 2015, the Umut (Hope) Foundation has stated in a new report, underlining that the trend has been increasing since the beginning of 2016.

The foundation called on Feb. 16 for NGOs to conduct comprehensive studies on the issue, which it described as a “mass murder of women.” 

It said the death toll ranged from women older than 85 to a six-week-old fetus.

Of the 413 killings, 309 were a result of armed attacks, and 40 women have been killed since the beginning of January 2016 alone.

Most young women were killed because they requested a divorce or separation from their partners, the foundation noted, adding that many cases involved victims of “shady suicides,” mostly in southeastern provinces.

 In addition, data shows that 55 husbands committed suicide after killing their wives from the beginning of January 2015. Hmmm......Just keep Turkey and their 'values' out of Europe. Read the full story here.

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