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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Video - Obama: "U.S. most powerful nation on Earth. Period." No one of the joint chiefs stands up to applaud.

Pentagon leaders stoically followed along with President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech tonight, showcased as President Obama declared the United States “most powerful nation on Earth. Period.” and insisted “no nation dares to attack us” on a night that ten Navy sailors are spending captive in an Iranian prison.

Also occurring as the President spoke, ten U.S. Navy sailors are being held captive by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, assaulted by Iranian soldiers as they attempted to transit between Kuwait and Bahrain earlier Tuesday. The soldiers are being held on Farsi Island, home to an Iranian military base, and Iranian media outlets have reported that their ships and GPS systems have been confiscated. Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly expected the soldiers to be released “within hours,” but multiple media outlets confirmed the soldiers are being detained at least until Wednesday morning.

Multiple White House officials confirmed before the State of the Union address that the President would not mention the ten soldiers, with one telling Fox News there was “no chance” of it happening. The President claimed “no nation declares to attack us” instead of discussing a nation attacking the United States within hours of his speech.Read the full story here.


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