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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Video - German newspaper shows reaction to Jewish visitor in migrant center in Berlin.

German newspaper posts video showing reaction to Jewish visitor to migrant center in Berlin.

Germany - The German Die Welt newspaper published “an experiment” where an Israeli Orthodox Jew did just that.

Everyday Antisemitism website reports:

The man, who has experienced several antisemitic attacks within the last six months in Germany, encountered varying reactions within the center. While some expressed a wish for peace in Europe and empathy with Jews as another minority group, others were more hateful. One woman turned away in disgust on hearing he was Israeli. A boy said that all Jews should leave the Middle-East. The Jewish man also told the Jerusalem Post that he heard a group of men whispering “Jew” on seeing him but, when he confronted them, they assured him that he was mistaken.
There were also several instances of prominent, antisemitic graffiti found on the walls of the center: a swastika, a Star of David with the number 666 written below it, and an image of Israel entirely covered in the Palestinian Authority flag. Hmmm.....Refugees bring with them their Antisemitism and values. Read the full story here.

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