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Monday, January 11, 2016

Video - First video images of Salah Abdeslam on the run.

On Images captured by a video surveillance and relayed by BFM TV, we see Salah Abdeslam, logistician of the alleged attacks of Paris, near the Belgian border, Saturday, November 14 in the morning.

At that time, he is not yet actively sought. Salah Abdeslam, following the deadly attacks in Paris, began his escape by traveling with two accomplices in Belgium. A video of a gas station in the city of Trith-Saitn-L├ęger, in northern France, captures images of the terrorist. On the latter, relayed by the chain BFMTV information appears Abdeslam hands in pockets, and relaxed. This is the last known photograph of Salah Abdeslam, at present. The man is still wanted by police for his role in the attacks in Paris, having left ​​131 dead.

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