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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Video - Daniel Greenfield - The Muslim Brotherhood is a Bigger Threat than ISIS.


  1. always razor sharp analysys Mr Greenfield. thank you ..

  2. D.H.S. is by majority Muslim Brotherhood "employees'.
    As for the Demolition of the WTC center & war in Afghanistan, you can thank your government, current & past Administrations, U.S. Senate Drug Cartel & Human Trafficking, Congress, thank them for the Opium War.
    USAF/USN executed the event with precision, we might not have lost 3000 innocent people but close enough. Honor their memory by telling the truth, not by spreading the propaganda of their Murderers.
    Al-Qaeda/Taliban/ISIS - Made in the USA ! USA ! USA !
    Cause morons like Martial Law.

  3. The Bilderberg Group, CEOs of International Corporations with Private Entity Status (TPP/TPA), Royal Families, Vatican Sicillian Mafia want global slavery, global poverty & they are using the Muslim Thirst for the global Caliphate to help them achieve it. It doesn't matter which Monotheist Rule will be the rulers' right hand, as long as they accomplish it. The Mega Greedy know only one thing - Absolute Control. Follow the money, all the middle east wars with exception of Afghanistan were for the pure benefit of Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Shell. The Bollywood execution movies are FAKE.


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