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Friday, January 29, 2016

Two arrests after possible 'Anti Christian riot' in Grande-Synthe refugee camp near Calais.

Two arrests after possible 'Anti Christian riot' in Grande-Synthe refugee camp near Calais. (LeFigaro)[Google translated].

A gunfight broke out in the camp located on the outskirts of Dunkirk on Tuesday night. Five wounded, three by bullets and two others by knives, was the result..

At least two people were placed in custody after a brawl broke out Tuesday night in the camp of migrants from Grande-Synthe (Nord) resulting in four wounded with minor injuries, as we learned Wednesday of judicial source.

Two people were injured by firearms, one stabbed and a fourth wounded with a stick, said the prosecutor Eric Fouard Dunkirk, in what seemed  " to be a settling of scores between rival gangs ".

Fifteen shots have been fired at the camp, he said, adding that the searches conducted in the evening allowed for now to find five May 9 mm caliber casings and one bullet. the DA of Dunkrk opened in the evening a judicial investigation for "attempted murder", entrusting the investigation to the PAF and the police station.

After the brawl, which occurred around 16 hours, the calm quickly returned to the camp with an important security device was deployed: a Raid team, mobile gendarmerie brigade, a squadron CRS and two dog teams to search for possible weapons and explosives, says a correspondent for AFP.

They conducted an extensive search of the camp. "It is now over, men have found five bullet casings, one was un struck. But for the time being, none of the perpetrators have been arrested, "the union leader David Michaux. "It is very difficult to apprehend someone, the camp is located on a wooded and swampy terrain," says union leader.

David Michaux has also stated that the most likely reason for the brawl was opposing Kurdish smugglers. A version supported by the first elements of the investigation. "I have no information that would be sectarian violence," says the Figaro prosecutor Dunkirk.

The shooting do not akin to a punitive anti-Christian, contrary to what Police union spokesman David Michaux had said the day before. But according to the union official, there is a "real problem between Muslims and non-Muslims." A minority of Grande-Synthe refugees are Iranians, and some of them are Christians. "Muslims are trying to evict the Christian camp," said David Michaux.

At least 2,500 people live together on this camp located on the outskirts of Dunkirk and forty kilometers from Calais. The camp population is 95% Kurdish. Syrian Kurds, Iraqi, and Iranian and networks of smugglers who do not wish to stay in France. All have only one dream: to go to England.

France - Christian Iranian refugee assassinated in Grande-Synthe camp near Calais, others assaulted.

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