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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Turkey detains 23 ISIS suspects and 21 children on Syria border

Turkey detains 23 ISIS suspects and 21 children on Syria border. (DS).

Turkish forces have detained 23 suspected ISIS extremists along with 21 children who were trying to illegally cross over from Syria, the army said Sunday.

The suspects, whose nationalities were not disclosed, were captured Saturday as they tried enter the Elbeyli district of Turkey's southern Kilis province.

"Twenty-three people suspected of being Daesh (ISIS) terror group members, together with 21 children, were caught," said the army in a statement, without giving any other details.

Turkey has over the last year been told by its Western allies to urgently step up efforts to stop the flow of extremists across its borders to and from Syria.

The army reported Saturday that it had Friday also captured six ISIS suspects, along with eight children, who were trying to cross illegally from Syria to Turkey in the same area. Hmmm........No word if those children are actually 'Caliphate cubs'? These 'Caliphate cubs' are my biggest fear as we are not prepared for such a scenario, better to prevent than to cure.


In 2014, at least 23,000 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum in Europe, and while estimates vary, aid agencies say as much as 7 percent of the 700,000 refugees who have applied for asylum in Europe this year are unaccompanied minors. That amounts to around 49,000.

From January to October 2015, over 23,000 unaccompanied and separated children had sought asylum in Sweden – the top destination for UASC in Europe – more than did in the entire EU last year. The majority are adolescent males

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  1. Moslems are just plain evil. Islam is a horrible, false "religion" of hate and terrorism. These poor kids never stood a chance. If they aren't brainwashed, they are terrorized and bullied to fight for nothing.


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