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Friday, January 15, 2016

Rhine town Rheinberg cancels Carnival parade following Cologne assaults

Rhine town Rheinberg cancels Carnival parade following Cologne assaults. (SP).

The western German town of Rheinberg has canceled next week’s carnival procession to one of its suburbs due to heightened risks of assaults by refugees, the Rheinberg municipal office said on Monday.

Jonny Strey, head of the department for security and order: In addition to the traffic and possibly rowdy spectators there's also a refugee camp with 500 inhabitants considered to be a "danger point" Strey said.  He confirmed a report of the "Rheinische Post".

People in the refugee camp would know no carnival and possibly bring "wrong" behavior, Strey said. 4500 German to meet up to 500 foreigners, "which is also not yet been there," he said. "Since [the carnival organizer] OKK, given the short time available until the Monday before Lent, was not able to create an appropriate safety concept, it has withdrawn its application for approval of a Rose Monday procession in Orsoy," the Rheinberg clerk’s office said in a press release.

The city maintained that "there has not been a rejection of the Rose procession through the city of Rheinberg on Monday."

"Due to the current events in the context of immigrants, in particular the events in Cologne and other major cities, interference cannot be ruled out in particular by intoxicated persons in the vicinity of the central housing unit," the clerk’s office added. Hmmm.........To strike terror in German hearts was the goal at NY Eve worked.

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