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Saturday, January 23, 2016

'quid pro quo': Merkel Needs Erdogan to Stay in Power.

'quid pro quo': Merkel Needs Erdogan to Stay in Power. (SP).

Germany shuts its eyes to the mass killings of the Kurds in southeastern Turkey, the illegal oil trade and Turkey's collaboration with Daesh terrorists, hoping that the Turkish President will help Europe to reduce the inflow of migrants, German newspaper Handelsblatt wrote.

Germany is silently watching the brutal war in Turkey, relying on the promise of Erdogan to provide assistance to refugees at the Turkish-Syrian border. However, the Turkish president uses the refugee issue in his own interests, being involved in the illegal oil trade with Daesh militants.

"Erdogan has created his own trump card to prevent Europe's intervention — the refugees," the article said. The Turkish President takes advantage of the trust of European countries, and is "smoothly waging the dirty war" in his own country, which again results in the new flows of migrants fleeing the south-eastern parts of the country amid increased violence. Read the full story here

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