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Friday, January 29, 2016

Pres Obama issues executive order calling for labeling of 'West Bank' products.

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Pres Obama issues executive order calling for labeling of 'West Bank' products. HT: IsraelMatzav.

The Obama administration has issued an executive order calling for the labeling of products made in the West Bank Judea and Samaria as not having been made in Israel.

The Jan. 23 directive states that it is “not acceptable” to label goods coming from Israeli companies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as having been produced in “Israel.”
The order comes amid an effort by the European Union to label Israeli-made goods, a move the Israeli government called anti-Israel and that prominent anti-Semitism watchdog groups have condemned as among the worst incidents of anti-Semitism in 2015.
This is a shift from the administration’s previous position. A State Department spokesman told reporters in November that such labeling could be perceived as “a step on the way to a boycott” and said boycotts would be opposed by the administration.
But earlier this month, senior Obama administration officials defended the EU’s move and reaffirmed its position against “Israeli settlement activity.” Hmmm........Israel Iran's staunchest ally. Read the full story here

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  1. Since when has Obama been a friend of Israel? It's God who placed the Jewish people in the land of Israel, taking it away from the Persians now called Palestinians. Their giant Goliath that King David killed. There is but one God and One Son and nothing can or will change that! We must recognize God's Word if there is to be any lasting peace!! Israel will forever more stand, as God has promised it so!! So accept it and get along!!


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