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Thursday, January 7, 2016

H&M Under Fire, Ridicule for Selling Scarf Strangely Similar to a Tallis.

H&M Under Fire, Ridicule for Selling Scarf Strangely Similar to a Tallis.(Matzav).

Swedish international apparel chain H&M received mixed reviews on social media for offering a scarf for purchase that looks like a tallis.

The scarf, which sells on H&M’s website for $17.99 and was first highlighted by fashion blog, has the same color scheme and pattern as a tallis. It even has “fringe at the short ends,” appearing strangely similar to tzitzis.

While some Twitter users marveled at the resemblance between the scarf and a tallis, others, the Algemeiner reports, were outraged, including one individual who wrote: “I’m not Jewish, but think it’s wrong to use an item of religious dress as a fashion statement.

A different Twitter user said: “A lot of non Jews are going to be attacked for wearing it. Maybe they’ll understand what we go through.”

Another noted the irony of a Swedish retailer selling a scarf that resembles a tallis because “a Jew cannot walk in Sweden with a tallit (or a kippah) without risking himself.”

Others found the likeness humorous. One commented: “That is awesome. Is there a tekhelet option?” — referring to techeiles, the blue dye used for tzitzis, while another said, “lmaooo that great, I’ll finally be able to daven fashionably.” Hmmm..........It's not OK to make fun of Islam but it's OK to make fun of Judaism? No religion should be denigrated

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