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Monday, January 18, 2016

German journalist reveals: 'German broadcaster WDR had to be positive about refugees'.

German WDR journalist Claudia Zimmermann reveals: 'German broadcaster had to be positive about refugees'. (HLN)[GoogleTranslated].

Journalists of the German broadcaster WDR have been instructed to broadcast positive messages about the refugees. This claimed Claudia Zimmermann, journalist of the WDR in Aachen, on the Dutch radio program 'The Mood'.

Committees that determine the government policy in broadcasting have given journalist orders to support the Merkel government policy.

According to Zimmerman this was especially true during the initial phase of the so-called 'Wilkommenskultur'  of a positive approach to the refugee issue by the TV station.

"We are a public broadcaster that is paid for with tax money," said the journalist. "It is therefore not surprising that we interpret the sound of the government."

After the mass rapes in Cologne and other German cities things changed. "Now let's hear critical voices," says Zimmerman. According to her, in Germany does not constitute a so-called 'silent cartel.

"Bewildered and  perplexed WDR has  responded and contradicted the claims of the freelance collaborator. "Our journalists work completely independently," said spokeswoman Ingrid Schmitz.

Zimmerman for her part, has come back on her earlier statements after the reaction of WDR. "Under pressure from the live event that one radio program entails, I mouthed nonsense," she hinted.

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