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Friday, January 29, 2016

French Republicans want an 'incitement to jihad' criminal law bill covering places of Worship.

French Republicans want an 'incitement to jihad' criminal law bill covering places of Worship.. (Reuters). [Google translated].

Fifty Republican deputies on Friday filed a bill in which they demand the creation of an criminal law offense bill  "jihad in a place of worship".

In the explanatory statement of their text, they point out that at present the law does not prohibit and punish the event of incitement to hatred of a person or group in a place of worship, nor does it allow to prohibit and punish non-public incitement to commit terrorist acts.

So they suggest that the law could "be exercised in all places" of the territory and "prevent" the places of worship and associations offering "reading and radicalization or radical practice of Islam does not turn into antechamber for performing terrorist violence ".

The bill provides that the incitement to hatred against a person or group of people and incitement to offenses against persons, manifested in a place of worship, is punishable by three years imprisonment and 25,000 euro fine. Read the full story here. (French)

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