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Sunday, January 24, 2016

France - Christian Iranian refugee assassinated in Grande-Synthe camp near Calais, others assaulted.

France - Christian Iranian refugee assassinated in Grande-Synthe camp near Calais, others assaulted. (Christianophobie). [Google translated].

The information published by the French Protestant blog 'Le bon combat'(The good fight) is quite frightening .

Our brother Daniel O. tells us terrible news of the situation of migrants in northern France .

Iranian Christians suffer persecution by Muslim refugees. Two pastors make us of these conditions, through two recent emails.

Here is the first email, from a first pastor:

"We, at the request of Iranian migrants, a special meeting this afternoon at the church. They were about twenty young men. Attentive and open, many have responded to the call and 3 of them wish to be baptized by explaining that it was not possible n in Iran.

We affirm that Christians are mistreated on the site of Grande Synthe were the majority of migrants are Muslims.

A young Christian had a broken nose, another received two stab wounds, and another after being abused was not found. We just found some of his belongings. What happened to him? [He was found dead after sending this E mail; he has been murdered]

Faced with these major challenges we have logged 12 of them in a hotel. A Christian who fled Daech (there he was a nurse) has been molested and they took from him 10,000 pounds sterling, all his savings. Last night he was crying like a baby. "

This is the second mail:

The situation of migrant Christians Grande Synthe is worrying and is becoming critical. We had to make the decision last night to lodge fifteen of them in the premises of the church.

During the night of Monday to Tuesday they have been manhandled and several have received stab wounds .... One of them was killed last week around the camp border ... During the past two weeks, several Christian Church drew from their own funds to house them in a hotel; but this solution can not be extended, (nearly € 800 in less than fifteen days).

It is in this camp Grande Synthe (Dunkerque) that our Christian brother from Iran was assassinated for his faith. I have found nothing about this in the main French media.

There are mafia Islamists who hijacked the camp, negotiate passages to England and are even demand payment for access to showers installed by the municipality. And in this camp Muslims who want to enjoy freedom and who want to convert to Christianity are murdered with impunity, supposedly because the Koran tells it's forbidden. Read the full story here.

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